The EVO Troopers (Environmental) were specialized stormtroopers that acted as support units, or working in hazardous environments. The very heart of this variant consisted of stormtroopers that expressed hatred towards Non-huMans. They were equipped with FA-3 flechette launchers. They were eventually replaced by a stronger unit, the hazard stormtroopers.


Camouflage EVO Troopers fighting Starkiller on Raxus Prime.

Equipped with heavy enhanced armor with breathing tubes and undergoing special training, EVO troopers were able to survive and operate in the most hazardous of conditions such as extreme heat, acid rivers, and lightning. They were equipped with FA-3 flechette launchers, although some utilized T-21 light repeating blasters and E-11 blaster rifles.[1]


The bulk of EVO troopers were selected from groups of stormtroopers who expressed hatred towards Non-huMans, making them more aggressive toward the alien species populace they encountered on harsh worlds. EVO troopers could be encountered wherever extreme environmental battlefield conditions existed and several were posted on the science ship ISS Empirical, Kashyyyk, Felucia, Raxus Prime, and even the unfinished Death Star. They were eventually succeeded by Hazard stormtroopers.[1]



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