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The Earth system was a star system where Spaceport THX1138 and Tomorrowland Starport was located some time prior to the Battle of Yavin. It was located at the very edge of the galaxy.

The planet Earth was in the system.[2]

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This system was mentioned in the opening crawl shown during the grand opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Disney Hollywood Studios. While there is nothing in the crawl or the ride itself to suggest that this refers to the system that includes our planet Earth, Earth is pictured on Disneyland's Star Tours website.[2]

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"The bad news is that I have no idea where we are."
―Han Solo[src]

After fleeing blindly into hyperspace from an Imperial fleet, the spacers Han Solo and Chewbacca ended up in an unfamiliar system that contained several planets and moons, including the homeworld of one Indiana Jones. In addition to Jones' homeworld, it also contained at least three other planets, one being red, another being orange, and the third that was both yellow in color and was a ringed body.[3]


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