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The Eastern Dune Sea was a vast, empty expanse of sand on Tatooine, east of the Anchorhead settlement, east of the Dune Sea. It was home to a dangerous and fiercely protective tribe of Sand People, as well as wild banthas and dewbacks. The Infinite Empire of the Rakata built a temple there between 30,000 BBY and 25,200 BBY to house a Star Map.

Some time before the Jedi Civil War, while serving as slaves to the Sand People, the Jawa tribe of Iziz discovered the Star Map in the cave of a canyon krayt dragon, but due to the creature were unable to scavenge it[source?]. In 3956 BBY Revan came to Tatooine in search of the Star Map, and aided Iziz in exchange for a map to the cave. At the same time, the hunter Komad Fortuna was hunting the dragon itself, which was not native to the region and upsetting the ecological balance[source?]. When Komad's partner was killed by the dragon after rushing impetuously into the cave, he and Revan teamed up to lure the dragon from its cave into a minefield Komad had set, using a bantha herd as bait. The dragon fell, and Komad retrieved two krayt dragon pearls from its corpse. Revan found the Star Map in the darkest recesses of the cave, amidst the ruins of the Rakatan temple.[1]

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Due to the open-ended nature of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, it is possible for Calo Nord and/or Darth Bandon to confront Revan as the player leaves the Star Map. In both cases, for the story line to continue, either Calo Nord or Darth Bandon must be defeated.[1]

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