Eastport docks

Eastport docks.

Eastport Docking Facility was one of the three major starports on Coruscant. It was the oldest and busiest of the three around 16 ABY.[1] Located in the Manarai Heights near the Senate District, Eastport handled mostly civilian traffic. It was protected by Eastport Security.

Occasionally, the facility would be the site of Coruscant's podracing course, during the Professional Podracing Circuit.[2]


Shortly before the Clone Wars, it saw a heavy influx of traffic as millions of Republic-loyal refugees arrived from seceded worlds. Docking Bay 3732 and Docking Bay 3733 were two of its landing areas in Gate 3700, and it contained the Spacer's Lounge. Shev Watsn was its administrator in 27 ABY.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War and subsequent Vongforming of Coruscant, Eastport took heavy damage and was destroyed days later.


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