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The EasyRide passenger airspeeder, also known as the Coruscant taxi or Coruscant air taxi, was an airspeeder used to transport passengers on the most prominent worlds of the galaxy, most notably Coruscant and Malastare.


CoruscantTaxi ep1ig

EasyRide schematics.

An air taxi would employ a compact, focused, medium-grade repulsor to elevate it to the very highest skyscraper. A radial battery of low-powered antigravity devices gave it excellent navigational control in open air, allowing it to swoop with accuracy around the tall buildings of the cityworld, and dock skillfully at its destination.

The most common model was the Hyrotii Corporation EasyRide passenger airspeeder. It was eight meters long and was piloted by qualified air taxi pilots, including Republic Judicials such as Rayno Vaca. These pilots were required to pass difficult tests that proved their ability to navigate their craft through the cityscape with skill.


All important traffic on Coruscant was air traffic, since the original ground levels have been abandoned in the distant past, so the various air taxi-models fit the need for speedy transports that could bypass the skyways of the capital world. Anakin Skywalker and Jar Jar Binks entered one cab during the Naboo Crisis in 32 BBY.

During the Clone Wars, the EasyRide shared the lanes with a similar model of air taxi, the slightly longer ComfortRide.[3]

By 4 ABY, many EasyRides had been put into service by the Galactic Empire as cheap patrol craft on Imperial Center.[4] By 137 ABY, EasyRide airspeeders were still in use on Coruscant.[5]


Easyride air taxi

An EasyRide on Coruscant


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