Easy Credits is a short story written by Paul Danner that was originally published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 9 by West End Games in February 1996.

Plot summary[]

On the planet Rydonni Prime around 4 ABY, King Rilvvan K'ntarr prepared to turn over a prototype weapon that his company, Rythani Products, had developed over to the Galactic Empire through Moff Caerbellak. Meanwhile a thief, Sienn Sconn, infiltrated the castle hoping to recover the prototype as part of a job. As he moved through the palace he encountered Princess Kalieva K'ntarr, who begged him to take her with him so she could escape the oppressive and meaningless life she felt she had as the daughter to the King. In the end Sconn allowed Kalieva to help in the heist. When they encountered guards outside of the laboratory where the prototype was being held, Kalieva used her position to distract the guards long enough for Sconn to get into position and knock them out. After stealing the prototype, the pair snuck inside an AT-AT and attempted their escape.

On the way the AT-AT broke down, and by the time Sconn had it repaired, they were caught in the middle of a parade of AT-ATs that King K'ntarr was throwing to celebrate the successful completion of the prototype and its hand-off to the Empire. Sconn maneuvered his stolen AT-AT into parade formation, where they saw a disturbance at the royal grandstand. Moff Caerbellak had just been notified about the theft and blamed King K'ntarr for the disappearance. He had his bodyguard, Variise, kill the King's guards and pointed a blaster at the King threatening to kill him if the prototype was not found. Sconn and Kalieva rescued the King by firing on the stands and knocking Caerbellak off balance. Variise jumped on top of the stolen AT-AT as the two thieves once again tried to escape. Sconn battled against Variise while Kalieva attempted to outrun the pursuing Imperial AT-ATs. Eventually Sconn was able to blow up Variise, but their AT-AT became damaged in the process and was stuck going full speed at the Rydonnian Imperial Consulate. The pair abandoned their AT-AT via a speeder bike and escaped to a launchpad where the Corellian Thunder that Sconn had hired for transportation was waiting.

Kalieva decided against leaving with Sconn, stating that after having this adventure she realized that it was not the life she had dreamed of and that there was plenty for her to do still on Rydooni Prime. They said their goodbyes and Sconn left the planet with the prototype. Later, Caerbellak had a meeting with Kalieva where it was revealed that the two had been in league for some time. The prototype was allowed to leave the planet as it had been rigged with homing beacons that would reveal the locations of New Republic weapons labs as they attempted to reverse engineer the prototype. In addition, King K'ntarr was murdered, making Kalieva the new queen of Rydonni Prime.


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