"Ebaq Nine was once exploited by the Deep Core Mining Corporation for its deposits of bronzium. The moon was opened up shortly after the rise of Palpatine. During the war years the Empire maintained an observation post there, and used Ebaq Nine as an emergency resupply point, but the moon is now empty."
Admiral Ackbar[src]

Ebaq 9 was a natural satellite of the Deep Core planet Ebaq located in the Treskov system.[1] The moon was a barren planetoid.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Deep Core Mining Corporation was permitted to build a series of mines and refineries to process the moon's valuable bronzium deposits, as well as a small base to handle emergency resupply and transportation. When the Empire began to crumble, abandoning the Deep Core, Deep Core Mining deserted the facility.

In 28 ABY the Treskov system was chosen by the newly reinstated Admiral Gial Ackbar as the location for a trap to lure a large Yuuzhan Vong force into battle along one of the dead-end hyperlanes that led to Ebaq and destroy it in detail. The old Deep Core Mining facility on Ebaq 9 made it the ideal location for a base of operations to serve as lure, resulting in the Battle of Ebaq in which the former Fosh Jedi Knight Vergere perished, sacrificing herself in order to eliminate the Yuuzhan Vong warriors throughout the moon in order to save Jacen Solo's life. With the exception of Tsavong Lah, the entire force was killed almost instantly. The warmaster, who had had an ooglith cloaker placed on him by one of his subalterns, would be slain in a duel with Jaina Solo.

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Wizards of the Coast refers to Ebaq 9 as a green world with jungles.

The New Essential Chronology incorrectly states that Tarkin's Fang was a base on the surface of Ebaq 9, as opposed to a planet itself.



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