"I'm a big Star Wars fan, so it was, yeah, a little dream come true. […] I’m just so humbled all the time with these opportunities and experiences. Some things that you just, when you’re small, […] you have dreams and you watch these things and just imagine yourself in them one day. Then suddenly it happens, and it's just. I don't know, it just fills you with those childlike emotions again."
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Eben Figueiredo is a British actor and singer-songwriter.[4] He was born circa 1996[1] and lives in London, England.[2] Figueiredo trained at Bristol Old Vic, an acting company.[4] In 2018, he portrayed an Imperial mudtrooper in Solo: A Star Wars Story.[3] Figueiredo joined the cast of Solo after auditioning for and coming close to a variety of roles with[5] UK casting director[3] Nina Gold. He was ultimately cast as an Imperial mudtrooper along with two other actors,[5] Shaquille Ali-Yebuah and Aaron Heffernan.[3] The three mudtrooper actors spent about a month filming their scenes in Solo: A Star Wars Story.[5]


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