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"Hey, Flornie? Couple more Eblas?"
―Sax Hastur orders Huck Trompo and Sully Olvar Eblas[src]

Ebla, also known as ebla beer was an alcoholic beverage served at the Zero Angle, a bar located in the Imperial Bright Jewel Oversector Flight Base on the moon Axxila III. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Huck Trompo and Sully Olvar, two TIE fighter pilots in the Imperial Army's Nashtah Squadron drank Eblas while at the bar. After he stopped the pair from singing to antagonise Navy pilots, the squadron's Captain Sax Hastur ordered Trompo an Olvar another Ebla each from the bartender Florn.[1] Ebla beer could also be found on Lothal.[2]

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Ebla was created by Brian Daley for the Star Wars Legends novel Han Solo's Revenge released in 1978, and subsequently appeared in a large number of other legends stories as Ebla beer. The drink's first appearance in canon was in "Last Call at the Zero Angle", a short story written by Jason Fry and published in Star Wars Insider 156 in 2015.

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