Ebolo was a Strike-class medium cruiser involved in the Battle of To-phalion Base. It was also a member of the task force that arrived late to the battle and rescued Grand Admiral Thrawn.


When the Ebolo arrived at To-phalion, the treacherous Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin had just escaped with the Corellian corvette Vorknkx, a ship which was the testbed for a new type of cloaking device. However, Thrawn used a tracking device planted on the stolen vessel to track Zaarin down to a remote part of the Iast system. There, Thrawn trapped Zaarin's vessel, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Glory, with the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Corvus. Ebolo then paired off with the Strike Cruiser Daring to assault Zaarin's vessel. The two ships suffered severe damage due to continued harassment from Glory and several transports. Fortunately, Maarek Stele defended the two ships and together they attacked the Star Destroyer. The Ebolo was destroyed in the battle.



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