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The Echo Base medical lab was the medical facility of Echo Base on Hoth. It was destroyed with the base in 3 ABY.


21B tends Luke

Medical lab

The lab consisted of several rooms and featured at least two medical droids, 2-1B and FX-7, as well as a bacta tank.[1]

The starfighter pilot Tenk Lenso was transferred from an Alliance to Restore the Republic medical frigate to the medical lab's bacta tank after the complete destruction of his former squadron, the Deretta Destroyers.[5]

Luke Skywalker was placed there after being attacked by a wampa.[1]

During the late stages of the Battle of Hoth, after a cave-in forced Leia Organa and Han Solo to use the Millennium Falcon to escape the imminent arrival of Imperial forces, they briefly stopped by the medical lab, and managed to recover medical supplies from the lab, while en-route to the Falcon's hangar.[6]

The base was destroyed in the attack.[1]

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The Echo Base medical lab first appeared in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.



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