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"Infinity. Already sent a ship ahead. A dreadnoughtthe Emperor's…"
"The Eclipse."
"Go to it. Leave this place. Find a new demesne. Start the game over."
―Gallius Rax and Rae Sloane[src]

The Eclipse was an Executor-class Star Dreadnought in service of the Galactic Empire. It also served as the flagship of Emperor Sheev Palpatine during the Age of the Empire.


The Eclipse was an Executor-class Star Dreadnought and was the twin sister ship of the Executor. The Eclipse measured at 19,000 meters in length, and could reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour utilizing its thirteen engine thrusters. The Eclipse was crewed by thousands of personnel, and was outfitted with a class 1 hyperdrive, a titanium-reinforced hull, over 5,000 turbolaser, ion cannon batteries,[1] and concussion missile tubes.[3]

A bridge deflector shield was also included as a layer of defense[7] and maintained a complement of thousands of starships[1] including TIE/ln space superiority starfighters, TIE/sa bombers, and TIE/IN interceptors. Vessels of the Executor-class also had at least one hangar bay[3] and escape pods.[5]


The Eclipse served as the flagship of Emperor Palpatine.[6]


"Take us in. It's time to rejoin with those who came before."
―Brendol Hux, and Rae Sloane upon seeing the Eclipse[src]

Sometime after the Arrth-Eno Mission undertaken by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, Rebel Alliance Admiral Gial Ackbar wrote a report to Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma regarding the Executor-class Star Dreadnought. In the report, Ackbar mentioned the Eclipse, noting that it was rumored to be the flagship of Emperor Palpatine,[2] which turned out to be accurate.[6] At one point during its service, the Eclipse bombarded a celestial body along with three Imperial-class Star Destroyers.[8]

It was believed to have been destroyed by a fleet of New Republic vessels with Ackbar's flagship, Home One, firing the ship-killing shot[6] by the year 5 ABY.[9] During the Battle of Jakku, after former Grand Admiral Rae Sloane defeated her former ally, Counselor to the Empire Gallius Rax, she was instructed by Rax before he died to take a replica of the Imperialis, find the Eclipse and reform the Empire. The New Republic defeated the Empire at the Battle of Jakku, and Sloane, together with Commandant Brendol Hux, his son Armitage, and a cadre of child soldiers, boarded the Imperialis and traveled to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, where they discovered the Eclipse. After Brendol spotted the Eclipse, Sloane ordered the Sentinel piloting the Imperialis to bring the ship in and rejoin with the others. Sloane intended to board the Eclipse and rebuild the Empire.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

The Eclipse was first mentioned in the junior novelization of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi by Tom Angleberger.[11] However, the ship being referred to has since been confirmed to be the Executor.[12] In Aftermath: Life Debt, the ship was confirmed to be Sheev Palpatine's command ship.[6]



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