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"Finances. Galas. Silks. Budgets. Would Leia return in time for the equinox? It seemed unlikely, and yet in a small, private corner of her heart that had nothing to do with rebellions or politics, Breha hoped it would be so."
―Excerpt from "Eclipse"[2]

"Eclipse" is a short story in the anthology From a Certain Point of View. The story, written by Madeleine Roux, focuses on the point of view of Queen Breha Organa of Alderaan.

Plot summary[]

An anxious Queen Breha Organa waits for the return of her husband Bail and adopted daughter Princess Leia Organa. With the support of her adviser Visaiya, Breha busies herself with her daily schedules. Growing weary, Breha asks Visaiya to cancel appointments for the rest of the day. Worried about her family, Breha tells Visaiya that Captain Anderam has told her to stop raising him in the spaceport. When Visaiya asks if she could go and keep watch, Breha explains that Captain Anderam asked not to be disturbed.

Breha heads to her bed for her rest but is approached by her daughter's attendant droid WA-2V, who asks if Leia prefers silk or satin for the upcoming equinox in three weeks. Breha asks not to be disturbed. The Minister of Finance Lintreyst and her daughter's old tutor droid CZ-7OB follow her into the royal apartment, seeking an audience. She tells 2V there is hardly a credit in the budget to spare on the gown. She tells Lintreyst that resources for the gala were allocated months ago and tells 2V to bring one of her gowns from storage before dismissing them. She allows 2V to fetch a crystal for Leia's gown. Breha allows CZ-70B to follow her into her private apartment.

Queen Breha enjoys the mountain air and watches the sun setting over the Juran Mountains. CZ-70B informs the Queen that there is a discrepancy in Leia's diplomatic records. While the records claim that Princess Leia speaks Huttese and Shyriiwook fluently, he points out that the princess is merely proficient in Shyriiwook and that such an error might cause her embarrassment. Breha reassures the droid that it is not his fault and says she cannot imagine a scenario where Leia will need Shyriiwook. CZ-70B then tells the Queen that Leia altered the record herself.

Bail Organa adds that it sounds just like his daughter. Breha sends CZ-70B to fix the record. When Breha asks if the rumors about Scarif are true, Bail tells her not to think of that now. Breha tells her husband that the Emperor dissolved the Imperial Senate a few days ago. Bail then tells his wife the news that Leia's starship Tantive IV was destroyed. Believing that their daughter might still be alive, Breha says they should send a scouting party to look for survivors and asked who reported the ship's destruction. She refuses to accept the report until she has seen the wreckage with her eyes.

Bail reassures her that he has sent a squadron to look for Tantive IV but warns that they are now at war. He adds that their personal loss needs to be balanced against the needs of the Rebellion. When Breha says she won't give up, Bail warns that the war is just beginning and that it will be fought by Leia when they find her. Bail explains that they can't risk sending another ship since the Tantive has been taken. Refusing to do nothing, Breha contacts Captain Anderam.

Two days later, Breha and her husband attend a briefing of Alderaanian generals. While waiting for reports on the Tantive IV, WA-2V informs Breha that she has managed to freshen one of the Queen's old gowns. They are then contacted by Captain Anderam, who warns them that an object is moving into position in orbit. Bail leads her outside just as their communication line breaks down. Breha thinks that it is some Imperial plot to keep them distracted from searching for their daughter. Breha and Bail soon realize that the orbiting object is the Empire's planet killer, the Death Star. They realize that no planet is safe.

Breha advocates evacuating as many people as they can, but the Death Star has already begun firing its superlaser. In their final moments, Breha senses that Leia survived. She and her husband stand together holding hands as their world is destroyed by the Death Star's superlaser.


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