The Eclipse Team was an infamous SpecForce team in the Rebel Alliance. Five graduates from the Galactic Outdoor Survival School who had joined the Alliance decided to create the team: Major Sisquoc; Lieutenant Commander Adazian Liebke, Lieutenants Akul Witig and Ma'w'shiye, and commander Derembus Sitnalta.[1]

Later, the Eclipse Team became big enough to divide in different sub-units, such as the infamous Twilight Squadron (a reference to Twilight Class, their old class at the GOSS),[1] Lightning Tech Squadron,[2] Midnight Squadron, infiltration Shadow Squadron, Storm Squadron and Cloak Leader.[1]

They also added other members such as Lieutenant Commander Anson Blazer (in Shadow Squadron), Agent Tynan Ryln Mei (in Storm Squadron), lieutenant Alton Lochner (in Cloak Leader) and Tirranna.[1]

In 2 ABY, the Eclipse Team worked for the Task Force on Alliance Security compiling information about threats to the Rebel Alliance (including the Galactic Outdoor School of Survival). In 3 ABY, the Eclipse Team worked on Suolriep sector.[1]

The Eclipse Team remained in active service following the formation of the New Republic.[2]

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