The Eddicus-class planetary shuttles were planetary shuttles utilized by members of the Galactic Senate on the galactic capital planet of Coruscant. Named for Supreme Chancellor Anwis Eddicus, the craft was developed by a Senate committee as an atmospheric counterpart to the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Consular-class space cruiser. At the behest of committee member Senator Palpatine of Naboo, the task was taken to Kuat Systems Engineering, although the rest of the committee did not know that Palpatine had secret ties to the Kuati company. As a result, the Naboo Senator was able to have secret listening devices built into all the craft, allowing him to obtain exclusive insider information. When deployed, the Eddicus-class became a mainstay in the skies of the Senate District.


The Kuat Systems Engineering Eddicus-class planetary shuttle, measuring thirty-two meters long, was an original design but one that hewed closely to common design sensibilities. Passengers were protected by deflector shields, and a sophisticated on-board security suite featured a sound-dampening field, in addition to countermeasures preventing any electronic surveillance. Despite this, the shuttle also contained concealed listening devices within its security systems. Toward the bow of the craft, guards could observe from a transparisteel-domed station. The shuttles painted blue were in service to the Supreme Chancellor's office—blue being the representative color of the Galactic Senate.[1] In spite of this, the Chancellor's personal shuttle was painted red, the official color of consular craft.[2]


The Supreme Chancellor's personal Eddicus-class planetary shuttle

The Eddicus-class planetary shuttle was commissioned as a formal mode of transport in diplomatic situations. The standard craft for such a task were the spacefaring Consular-class cruisers, but an atmospheric equivalent was required. A subcommittee was created to oversee the project, and they eventually decided to commission Kuat Systems Engineering. One of the committee members, Senator Palpatine of Naboo, had advised against using the builders of the Consular-class, Corellian Engineering Corporation, lest there be any accusations of Senate bias toward the company.[1]

In reality, Palpatine had his own ties to Kuat Systems Engineering, which allowed him to make his own modifications without the interference of his fellow committee members. He instructed the Kuati engineers to plant hidden surveillance devices in the shuttle's security systems, in order to record the conversations that politicians using the craft thought they were making in private. The recordings made were only available to Palpatine himself and a few select technicians. The other specifics of the design were classified, and only available to select members of the committee.[1]

The line was named for Chancellor Anwis Eddicus, who was instrumental in ending the devastating Death Seed plague many years before. When the model was deployed[1] by 32 BBY,[3] it became a common sight in the Senate District of Coruscant. In addition to being used by the Supreme Chancellor himself, use of the shuttles were offered to honored guests, such as Queen Padmé Amidala of Naboo. Palpatine was able to glean a considerable amount of valuable information and insider knowledge from his hidden listening devices, and neither Supreme Chancellors Kalpana or Finis Valorum were ever aware of the senator's machinations.[1]

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The Eddicus-class planetary shuttle first appeared, albeit unnamed, in the 1999 prequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.[4] In 2007, James McFadden identified and fleshed out the details of the shuttles through StarWars.com's "What's The Story?" Hyperspace feature.[1]



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