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Edge was a male Anomid Imperial Assassin who operated during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Edge mortally wounded Eaden Vrill in 0 BBY, and was killed shortly afterward by LE-BO2D9.


Early yearsEdit

Edge was an assassin operating under the Galactic Empire, and was sent during its early years to hunt down and kill Force-sensitive individuals. Edge's work brought him to the aquatic world Glee Anselm, home of the order of the Sälãi Käsi. A clan of Force-intuitive Nautolan warriors who studied the art of Teräs Käsi, the order was deemed a threat by the Galactic Emperor. Edge infiltrated their temple and slaughtered the order, including the esteemed headmaster Neaed Fisto, the uncle of renowned Jedi Master Kit Fisto. Eaden Vrill, his sister, and his cousin were the only survivors of the massacre.



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