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"Now now, no need for threats. After all, we're in this together."
―Edmon Rampart, to the Bad Batch after his escape from prison[6]

Edmon Rampart was a human male who held the rank of Vice Admiral in the Galactic Empire shortly after its formation from the Galactic Republic. Eagerly taking on his role in the new Empire, Rampart oversaw the implementation of chain codes as well as the enlistment of conscripted soldiers for the Imperial Army as part of Project War-Mantle. Believing that the loyalty of recruits was more valuable to the Empire than the clone troopers formerly used by the Republic, Rampart had confidence in the success of his initiative.

At Tipoca City on Kamino, Rampart presented to Governor Wilhuff Tarkin the first Elite Squad, a squad of top soldiers. Following a mission of the squad under their new commander, the clone trooper Crosshair, Tarkin placed the project in Rampart's hands. On Tarkin's orders, Rampart later oversaw the destruction of Tipoca City and the seizure of Kamino's cloning technology into Imperial control.

Following his return to Coruscant, Rampart brought forth the Imperial Defense Recruitment Bill as a means to formalize the transition from clone troopers to conscripted non-clone troopers. Rampart was later arrested by order of Grand Vizier Mas Amedda following an investigation by members of the Imperial Senate into his role in the destruction of Tipoca City despite claiming that he was following orders and was sent to the Imperial labor camp on the planet Erebus to serve his sentence in the mines. However, he was soon rescued by Clone Force 99, who sought his knowledge of the Tantiss Base's coordinates. The team was soon able to locate the complex and arrived on Wayland with Rampart, but the former Imperial was soon after captured by those he once claimed loyalty to, only for him to be freed. He sought out to retrieve data on Project Necromancer but was stopped and killed by Nala Se.


Foundations of the Empire[]

"Laying the foundation of our new empire is of the utmost importance."
―Edmon Rampart[4]

Vice Admiral Rampart served the Empire during its transition from the Republic, eagerly taking on his role.

Following the end of the Clone Wars and the formation of the Galactic Empire from the Galactic Republic[4] in 19 BBY,[7] Edmon Rampart[8] served as an officer in the new Empire, holding the rank of Vice Admiral. He assisted in the transition from Republic to Empire, wishing to strengthen the foundations of the newly-formed regime. Rampart was responsible for the implementation of chain codes,[4] a form of identification for citizens of the Empire. He issued a holographic message regarding chain codes that was displayed at Imperial[3] chain code posts;[9] the message informed citizens that chain codes allowed for the exchange of now-invalid currency for Imperial credits.[3]

Rampart also oversaw Project War-Mantle, an initiative to recruit conscripted and volunteer soldiers into the Imperial Army to replace the clone troopers formerly used by the Republic. As part of the project, he assembled the first Elite Squad, consisting of four recruited Elite Squad Troopers. Rampart traveled to Tipoca City on the planet Kamino to showcase the squad to Governor Wilhuff Tarkin. Upon meeting with Tarkin, who was watching the enhanced Clone Commander Crosshair alongside the Kaminoan Nala Se, Rampart's superior complimented the success of his chain code implementation before asking of Project War-Mantle's status. Rampart proceeded to inform Tarkin about how laying the Empire's foundation was very important and of the recruits' presence, and that the Elite Squad was to train under the command of Crosshair.[4]

Future of clone trooper program[]

Project War-Mantle[]

"With more time and training, our forces will be unlike anything the galaxy has seen."
"Then I leave this project in your capable hands, Admiral."
―Rampart and Wilhuff Tarkin[4]

Rampart recruited the first Elite Squad as part of Project War Mantle, and was placed in charge of the operation by Governor Tarkin.

On their way to the hangar to meet the squad, Rampart asserted the need for more soldiers. Nala Se insisted that the Kaminoan cloning facilities were capable of producing effective clones, but Rampart believed that enlistment though choice would yield troopers with more loyalty to the Empire. When they arrived in the hangar, Rampart presented the Elite Squad, which he suggested could be trained by skilled clones. Shortly afterward, as Rampart and Tarkin watched the squad undergo a medical examination, Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su expressed doubt over recruits being able to match clone troopers in military proficiency. Rampart protested, asserting the value that he saw in the loyalty of willing recruits. To settle the debate, Tarkin proposed a test for the squad as he felt the two Imperials needed to see what they can do in battle and Rampart was more than happy to let his recruits go out onto the field so the Governor had Rampart send them and their Clone Commander to Onderon to eliminate a camp of insurgents led by Saw Gerrera.[4]

When the squad's Nu-class attack/transport shuttle returned to Kamino in triumph, Vice Admiral Rampart and Governor Tarkin awaited them in the hangar. Tarkin noted that the squad had lost a trooper—ES-01 had been executed by Crosshair for refusing to kill citizens under Gerrera's protection on Onderon—but Crosshair reported that the camp had been dealt with, though Gerrera had left before they arrived. Rampart then reminded his superior that the loss was unfortunate but soldiers know the risks of battle. Tarkin was impressed as they succeeded while Crosshair's brothers had failed, while Rampart saw the success as proof of the potential of his initiative. As a result, Tarkin left Rampart in charge of the project and departed from Kamino.[4]

Time on Kamino[]

"From now on, I'm to be apprised of all matters here, Prime Minister."
―Rampart, to Lama Su[10]

Rampart conversed with Lama Su before the pair were approached by Crosshair

Some time after his arrival in Tipoca City, Rampart met with Prime Minister Lama Su, insisting that he be informed of all matters on Kamino from then on. The meeting was interrupted by Crosshair, who reported that the Scrapper Guild on the junk planet Bracca had detected a power surge on a wrecked Jedi cruiser. Rampart ordered Crosshair to send a scout team, but the clone requested more forces, revealing that the source of the surge was Clone Force 99, a rogue unit of clone commandos[10] who had previously escaped Kamino.[11] Though Lama Su insisted that the clones of the unit were highly skilled assets and as such should be returned alive if possible, Rampart, disinterested in rogue clone deserters, dismissed Lama Su and ordered Crosshair to terminate them if they were found.[10]

Occupation of Ryloth[]

Uncertain support[]

"I'm disappointed, Senator Taa. Despite our new refinery bringing countless jobs to your citizens, they seem troubled by our presence."
―Rampart, to Senator Orn Free Taa[12]

Rampart and Captain Howzer on Ryloth

Rampart, Crosshair and the Elite Squad went to the[12] Outer Rim planet Ryloth,[13] where the[12] native Twi'lek[13] population was uneasy with the Empire's military presence,[12] which the preceding Republic had promised to remove after the Clone Wars.[14] In Ryloth's capital of Lessu City, Rampart held a mass gathering at the Capitol building, alongside Senator Orn Free Taa, the Twi'lek Resistance General Cham Syndulla, Cham's wife Eleni and the clone Captain Howzer of the city's local clone battalion. Rampart received a report from Crosshair that one of the Empire's skeptics, Cham's Lieutenant Gobi Glie, and several fellow insurgents are within the crowd, and Rampart explained his displeasure to Taa at the senator's people's apparent lack of support towards the Empire. Taa reassured the Vice Admiral that he spoke for the people that the partnership was most welcome. Rampart inquired whether Cham agreed, to which the Twi'lek general supported peace for Ryloth.[12]


Rampart showing the Syndullas the Imperial refinery on Ryloth

Rampart watched on as Senator Taa failed to galvanize the support of the people of Ryloth, having delivered a speech about how the Empire would bring peace and prosperity to the planet and that the Twi'leks should step down from their military posts. Cham stepped in, reassuring the crowd by reminding them about how the clones helped liberate their world from the Separatist Alliance and had earned the Twi'leks' respect. After the speech, Rampart remarked to Eleni that it was a shame that her and Cham's daughter, Hera, could not be a part of the occasion but she said their little girl had other interests.[12]


Vice Admiral Rampart overlooked Lessu from the capital building.

In a meeting with Taa and Crosshair, Rampart exclaimed that Cham was being more cooperative than he had been led to believe he would be, to which Taa responded that he was worried about the general's influence over the citizens. Crosshair believed Glie was more of a threat than Cham, but the senator believed they all need to be dealt with, to which Rampart stated that everyone had their part to play. Later on, the Admiral showed Cham and Eleni around the doonium refinery, claiming that it would help rebuild areas affected by the Clone Wars across the galaxy. Eleni was concerned at the militaristic aspects of the facility, but Rampart responded that the Republic had left Ryloth in a vulnerable position, something which the Empire was rectifying in order to protect the planet's interest, before excusing himself after receiving a message from one of Crosshair's squad members.[12]

Arresting insurgents[]

"The Syndulla girl won't get far. Have our forces find her."
―Rampart, to Captain Howzer[12]

Rampart received intelligence from Crosshair that Glie, Hera, and the Twi'lek resistance fighter Serin were on a supply run to smuggle weapons, having attached a homing beacon to their ship. Upon their return, the ship was shot down by Crosshair. The trio were quickly apprehended, and Rampart arrived with Taa and numerous clone troopers, expressing how distressing it was to see Hera's involvement in this operation. Taa angrily claimed that Hera's involvement was clear proof that Cham was plotting an uprising against the Empire. However, Rampart disagreed, saying that the public would not see it that way, and that Cham had not technically committed a crime yet. Hera, Gobi and Serin were taken away in a HCVw A9 turbo tank, while Crosshair informed Rampart he had spotted three more of Gobi's insurgents on the mountain ridge. Rampart told Crosshair to hold off and let the resistance fighters report back, having the commander to get into position regardless.[12]

Rampart's convoy, comprising of the juggernaut and escorting BARC speeders, was intercepted by Cham and Eleni and the remaining insurgents, and he expressed concern at the whereabouts of the reinforcements, with Howzer stating the comms had been cut. Taa ordered the remaining troopers to defend them, but Rampart had Howzer and his men stand down and surrender. This horrified Taa, but Rampart reassured the senator that his decision would keep them all alive. With Hera reunited with her parents, the insurgents pondered on what to do with Taa, Rampart and the other prisoners. Cham and Taa become locked in a bitter exchange in which they both accused the other of being a traitor, leading to Cham pointing a gun at the senator. Taa pleaded with Rampart and Howzer to do something, but Rampart was unmoved, stating that Cham was the one holding the blaster.[12]


Rampart talking to a captured Eleni Syndulla.

With some encouragement from Howzer and Eleni, Cham lowered his weapon, and Rampart thanked Taa for playing his part, signaling Crosshair to shoot one of Taa's lekku from a vantage point. At this exact moment, Imperial reinforcements arrived to aid Rampart and Howzer, leading to the capture of the Twi'lek fighters present, except for Hera and her droid C1-10P "Chopper," who escaped on a landspeeder. Rampart then formally arrested Cham and the insurgents for the attempted assassination of Senator Taa. As Cham, Eleni, Gobi, Serin, and fellow fighter Lenk were all led away, Rampart ordered Howzer to assemble his forces to locate Hera, before departing in one of the Low Altitude Assault Transports with the prisoners.[12]

Soon after, Vice Admiral Rampart and Captain Howzer walked through the detention block of the Capitol building in Ryloth's capital of Lessu. When they reached the cell holding Cham and Eleni, Rampart mocked Cham, saying he was once considered the liberator of Ryloth, but is now a traitor to Ryloth after attempting to assassinate Senator Taa. Cham retorts that the people wouldn't believe the Empire's lies, but Rampart believed that they would turn against him easily. However knowing that their daughter was out there and since she was the reasonable one, Rampart asked Eleni about where Hera was and promised to return her to the hands of her parents safe and sound, but knowing about how his allies are treated, Eleni claimed she would rather be his enemy like her husband is now than a friend. Rampart then ordered Howzer to scour the planet and arrest all of General Syndulla's supporters.[15]

When Howzer swore to find Hera as well, Rampart told him that Crosshair's squad was already taking care of that. Rampart then addressed the citizens of Ryloth, telling them those responsible for the shocking attack on their senator have been detained, and that Orn Free Taa would make a full recovery. In the city, Rampart told Howzer that arresting some of Cham's supporters was not good enough, he wanted them all. Howzer was concerned that arresting innocent citizens would provoke an uprising, but Rampart said that they should be arrested too and peace has a cost. Captain Howzer later informed Vice Admiral Rampart that the refinery wa under attack. He offered to deal with it but Rampart insisted on handling the attack and ordered Howzer to guard the Capital. Then after seeing what Crosshair's old team was capable of, Rampart gave him permission to hunt down his brothers.[15]

Decommissioning the cloning facilities[]

Kamino's traitors[]

"A scientist I have use for—a politician, I do not. I'm afraid your services are no longer needed."
―Rampart, to Lama Su[16]

Lama Su being approached by Elite Squad Troopers before he could carry out his plans to evacuate Kamino on Rampart's orders.

At Tipoca City on Kamino, Crosshair told Vice Admiral Rampart that the operation was ahead of schedule. A pleased Rampart asked that every available clone be mobilized. As Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunships took off, a Kaminoan watched. When Crosshair asked about the Kaminoans, Rampart said that they have their orders and to keep their eye on them until the time is right.[16]

At Tipoca City, Vice-Admiral Rampart confronted Prime Minister Lama Su, telling him that he is disappointed at the Kaminoans' lack of cooperation. He informed the Prime Minister that a disturbing matter had been brought to his attention. As Elite Squad Troopers entered the room with Nala Se, Rampart said that Su's Chief Scientist was gathering medical personnel to flee Kamino. Lama Su feigned surprise and said he will decide on a suitable punishment.[16]

Rampart said that while he found the clone troopers overrated, he told Nala Se that he hopes to utilize her services as a scientist for the Empire. However, he had little need for Lama Su's services as a politician. Two Elite Squad Troopers[16] arrested[17] the Kaminoan Prime Minister for treason.[16]

Fate of Kamino[]

"All essential personnel have been removed from Kamino."
"And the Chief Scientist?"
"Secured. The cloning technology is now firmly under Imperial control."
"Very good, Admiral. You may fire when ready."
―Rampart and Tarkin[5]

Rampart speaks to Hunter as he is returned to Tipoca City.

Upon landing at Tipoca City, Hunter was marched out of the ship by Crosshair and his Elite Squad Troopers. Vice Admiral Rampart greeted them accompanied by several clone troopers. Crosshair told Rampart that he planned to intercept the rest of the Bad Batch on arrival. Rampart spoke to Hunter, telling him that the destruction of his squad caused on Ryloth got his attention. Rampart left Hunter to Commander Crosshair, telling him to stay on schedule. ES-02 questioned Crosshair's motives with his old squad, adding that she doesn't trust any of them. Rampart replied to her that if Crosshair's plan fails, none of them would be a problem anymore. He ordered her to keep an close eye on things.[5]

Later when Crosshair's plan failed, ES-02 informed Rampart that Crosshair had lost control of the situation. Rampart ordered that all remaining forces be pulled out and told her to let the clones die together. Rampart then informed Admiral and Governor Tarkin that all essential personnel had been evacuated from Kamino. Tarkin asked him about the chief scientist. Rampart reported that the chief scientist was secured and the cloning technology was now under Imperial control. Tarkin allowed him to fire when ready. Rampart ordered the crew of his Star Destroyer to move the ship into position. An Imperial officer confirmed that they were in position and Rampart ordered the gunners to bombard Tipoca City.[5] After receiving confirmation that the city was destroyed, Rampart ordered the Star Destroyers to leave Kamino and make their way to a rendezvous point with the Imperial Fleet.[18]

Covering up[]

Dealing with Wilco[]

"If Governor Tarkin were to learn of my misstep, then I would be at risk. And that cannot happen. Which is why a new report will be submitted. One void of any mention of Clone Force 99."
"Sir, I will not falsify an official report."
"I understand. I will."
―Rampart and Wilco before the former shoots the latter[19]

Rampart points a RK-3 blaster at Wilco for refusing to falsify an official report.

After Clone Force 99's failed attempt to steal from Count Dooku's war chest from his castle on Serenno, Rampart read Clone Captain Wilco's report on the incident, leading him to travel to Serenno. Wilco informed him that 85% of the war chest had been recovered, and assured the Vice Admiral he would get that number to perfection. In response, Rampart said he was not there because of the captain's failure to ensure the cargo's transfer. Rampart asserted that the mission report was inaccurate due to claiming the thieves were from experimental unit 99, believing that they died during the fall of Tipoca City. Wilco explained that Rampart's information was incorrect as he had seen two of the unit's members. Rampart stated that he could not let Tarkin find out about his misstep, so he ordered Wilco to submit a new report lacking any mention of Clone Force 99. Wilco refused to falsify a report, and in response, Rampart said he would do it instead and then shot the clone[19] in the chest[20] with a RK-3 blaster.[19]

Stationed on Coruscant[]

"Clone loyalty does not seem to be as advertised anymore. Funny, isn't it? How these clones around you keep disappearing."
―Rampart, to Crosshair[21]

Rampart was given an office at Imperial HQ on Coruscant.

Rampart then returned to Coruscant, where he would be given an office and be stationed at the Imperial Inspectorate HQ. Following Crosshair's return to Coruscant after being rescued from Kamino, Rampart assigned him to a squad under Commander Cody, whom Rampart only knew by his designation of CC-2224. They were given a mission to rescue Governor Grotton, who had been taken hostage by the Separatist holdouts that were still on the planet Desix. Following his success on Desix, Rampart entrusted Crosshair with another mission, this time with CC-1226.[21]

Imperial Defense Recruitment Bill[]

Ensuring the bill's success[]

"The galaxy is at peace, but our work is never done. A new military comprised of our own citizens, will usher in a new era of safety and security. A vote for the Defense Recruitment Bill is a vote for the future."

During his time on Coruscant, Rampart proposed the Imperial Defense Recruitment Bill, a package of legislation that would formalize the decommissioning of the clone trooper army and the transition to a volunteer army of conscripted civilians to the Imperial Senate. The bill was rejected twice before reaching the stage of preliminary hearings, where it faced critique from Senators Bail Organa of Alderaan and Tynnra Pamlo of Taris due to them believing the discussion for a new army to be unnecessary at the time, as well as Riyo Chuchi of Pantora, who called for more fair representation for the clones who would be directly impacted by the bill. The vote was eventually postponed, despite corporate Senator Gani Riduli of the InterGalactic Banking Clan and the Commerce Guild representative's support. Grand Vizier Mas Amedda privately warned Rampart that the bill was of great interest to the Emperor and that he wouldn't tolerate his failure.[23]


Rampart assigned Clone X to eliminate Cade, Slip, and Senator Chuchi.

To ensure the bill's success, Rampart assigned a clone assassin Clone X to eliminate Cade and Slip, two crew members who were on board his Venator during the destruction of Tipoca City and had threatened to testify of the fact before the Senate. He also privately met with Senator Chuchi who was representing the clones in the Senate and accepted their demands and provisions she relayed to him in order to get her support.[23] Chuchi, however, remained skeptical and was soon able to obtain proof of Rampart's involvement in Tipoca City's destruction thanks to Clone Force 99, who had infiltrated Rampart's Destroyer while it was being serviced in the Coruscant shipyard and stole its command log, which included footage of the attack.[24]


"Stay back! I was following orders. I was follow..."
―Rampart during his arrest[22]

Rampart was publicly arrested and accused to have destroyed Tipoca City for his personal agenda.

During the final voting session for the bill, Chuchi brought former Senator of Kamino Halle Burtoni before the Senate to testify on Rampart's appropriation of the Defense Finance Committee's funds during the post-war era; Rampart was using said funds to finance his War-Mantle bases and recruits. Bail Organa also arrived with the command log which he presented before the Senate, solidifying their objections to the bill and belief on Rampart's guilt concerning the destruction of Tipoca City. With all evidence pointing against him, Mas Amedda had Rampart arrested by the Coruscant Guard and forcibly removed from the floor while protesting he had been following orders. Emperor Palpatine, however, used Rampart's actions to garner support for the bill.[24]


Forced labor[]

"Why haven't we heard the signal? Our shift was supposed to be over by now."
―Edmon Rampart[6]

After serving as a political scapegoat, Rampart served his sentence in a labor camp on Erebus.

Following his arrest, Rampart was stripped of his position and sent to an Imperial labor camp on the planet Erebus to serve out his sentence, during which time he grew out his facial hair.[6] Several months into his sentence,[25] after the Advanced Science Division invaded Pabu and captured Omega, Clone Force 99 was unsure of how they could get to Tantiss as their initial plan of letting Omega get caught with a tracker was foiled when CX-2 ordered her searched. As Clone Force 99 wondered how to find Tantiss, Crosshair admitted that he knew of a way, but did not want to tell them as he did not want to go back there and was only a last resort; former Admiral Rampart. Rampart was in the process of being transported on a HCVw A9 turbo tank when Clone Force 99 broke in and eliminated the crew. Rampart was surprised to see the clones, initially believing that they were there to kill him, but soon discovered they wanted him alive. He learned from Crosshair that they were looking for Tantiss. Rampart claimed that he would give them the information in exchange for escaping the planet.[6]


"If you're not here to execute me, and you're not letting me go, then you must need something from me?"
"Tantiss base. Where is it?"
"Ah. Tantiss. And how much is that information worth to you?"
" You're not in a position to bargain."
"Hmm. I disagree. I'll talk after you get me off this planet. You don't get what you want if I don't get what I want."
―Rampart and Crosshair[6]

Rampart was released from his imprisonment to disclose the location of Tantiss Base to the Bad Batch.

Clone Force 99 was successful in escaping their Imperial pursuers, during which Rampart tried to grab a blaster, only to be stunned by Crosshair. He was then taken aboard the Providence, where Crosshair asked him about Tantiss. Rampart proceeded to tell them that he did not know of its location, as it was highly classified, but claimed that there was a loophole around it. Crosshair threatened him, believing him to be untrustworthy, but Rampart stated that there was no need for threats, as they were working together now.[6]

Working with Clone Force 99[]

After the successful escape from Erebus, Rampart accompanied Clone Force 99 to a cloning facility on Bora Vio, where they met up with Echo, who had stolen an Imperial shuttle for their mission. Rampart revealed that Hemlock kept Tantiss' location secret, but any ships going there would have to be cleared by Imperial Station 003 above Coruscant. He wondered how the clones would be able to infiltrate the station in their current state, noting that the codes changed every rotation. The clones decided that they would infiltrate the station as Imperial soldiers, with Rampart leading them as a captain. Rampart was handed a stolen Imperial captain's uniform, much to his dismay, as he found the captain's rank too lowly due to his former vice admiral status. Echo countered that he had already been demoted, prompting Rampart to groan and state that he hated working with clones.[26]

Upon arriving at the station, Rampart used his improvised privileges to let them access the station's manifest database. Echo soon discovered that when the data was uploaded, the targeted vessel was tagged for direct uplink, making it impossible to take the data from inside the station. Crosshair hissed at Rampart, asking if he had known about the process but intentionally hid it from them, but Rampart claimed that he never cared much for technical details. The clones ultimately decided to connect their stolen shuttle to a science vessel departing for Tantiss. Rampart protested, saying it was not the plan he had signed on for. Nonetheless, he accompanied the squad back to their shuttle while Echo was tasked with sneaking aboard the science vessel and disabling its proximity sensors in the process. Rampart was against the plan, stating that they would be shot down before having a chance to close in and ordered Hunter to abort the mission, but Hunter disregarded him. As the science vessel neared its jump to hyperspace, Rampart insisted that they abandon the mission and said that Echo had probably been captured or killed already. However, Hunter refused, and his faith in his teammate was rewarded as Echo was able to disable the sensors, allowing them to latch onto the vessel and head to Tantiss.[26]



Rampart and the clones were hunted by Imperial search teams after the crash.

As the clones arrived on Wayland and detached from the science vessel, they were immediately attacked by the Imperials, who had anticipated their arrival. Their ship was damaged by Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters, prompting them to quickly evacuate their ship as it was nearing the surface. Rampart was incredulous when he learned that they were going to escape by dropping out of the ship into the jungle below, hesitating out of fear. Hunter saved him from being killed by his inaction, and Rampart survived the crash. While accompanying the clones as they walked towards the base, he rested his head on what he believed to be scenery, only to realize that it was actually a dryax which awakened from his intrusion.[27]

Rampart ordered the clones to shoot the beast before it could attack, though they refused as it would give away their position to the Imperials. He countered by stating that they wouldn't have a position if they were eaten by the beast, though the clones still did not attempt to shoot it. Eventually, they ran into a patrol group that Hemlock had sent, and Rampart was separated in the chaos. In his own panic, he tripped before being found by a patrol of three TK troopers.[27]

Attempted escape and death[]

"Oh, your science means nothing to me. It's a mere bargaining chip. And if this is as vital as Hemlock said, the Empire should be willing to give me anything to get it back."
"My work will never belong to you or the Empire. It will always be Kaminoan."
"Not any longer. Wha..."
―Rampart and Nala Se before their deaths[2]

Rampart and Nala Se shortly before their deaths.

Rampart was detained in the facility's cells when he was met by Hemlock, who criticized him for aiding insurgents. Rampart was surprised by how calm Hemlock was given that the "secure" facility had been compromised by rogue clones and suggested that the Emperor would likely be displeased. Hemlock refuted that all that time Rampart spent on Kamino had been wasted by failing to understand how clones think and stated he had anticipated that Clone Force 99 would eventually find Tantiss in their efforts to rescue Omega. Rampart failed to understand why the young clone was so valuable to Hemlock, though Hemlock stated that unlike him, he was indispensable to the Empire with his projects. Rampart would remain in his cell until Echo and Omega arrived to free all of the prisoners, including Rampart himself. When Echo asked the freed clones if they would aid in rescuing his brothers, Rampart made a clear objection, believing that their best course of action was to flee the base. Echo told him that clones would never abandon their brothers and managed to convince the clones to assist him in freeing the rest of the Bad Batch. After the clones left, Rampart followed Nala Se to her laboratory, grabbing an RK-3 blaster from a fallen TK trooper in the process. Wondering what was so important about Project Necromancer, he demanded that Se tell him everything about it. As she explained that it could only be understood by Kaminoans, Rampart, knowing that the Empire would be willing to give anything for the data, including Omega's importance, decided to keep the information as a "bargaining chip." As he shot and killed Se, the Kaminoan dropped an activated thermal detonator, and as it touched his feet, he was caught by surprise and perished in the resulting explosion.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Rampart is a mere cog in the machine."
―Halle Burtoni[22]

"Edmon Rampart was a human male who dedicated himself to the new Imperial regime and his own career advancement.

A human male, Edmon Rampart had brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. Vice Admiral Rampart eagerly took on his role in the newly-formed Galactic Empire, which aimed to instill order in the galaxy.[28] Despite the connections he would forge with high ranking Imperial officials, including Governor Tarkin[4] and Grand Vizier Mas Amedda, Rampart was, in truth, an unimportant cog in the Imperial machine. For all the actions he would perform in the name of the Empire, the regime was free to cast him aside should he prove to be an inconvenience.[22] Rampart, for all his loyalty to the new regime[4] and his orders,[22] was also willing to break protocol in the name of protecting his own safety and career, such as when he worked to falsify an official report on Serenno.[19]

Rampart perceived the end of the Clone Wars and the formation of the Empire as a chance for peace, claiming it would bring with it opportunity and prosperity.[3] He saw importance in laying a strong foundation for the new Empire and believed that an increase in soldiers was necessary to maintain order and permit a strong ruling government. As such, Rampart's efforts in Project War-Mantle sought to produce loyal soldiers without the need for clones, and he was confident that his proposal would strengthen the future of the Empire. Rampart felt that the loyalty of those who willingly enlisted was more valuable than the training underwent by clone troopers, believing that with training, his forces would be unlike anything the galaxy had seen.[4]


Rampart believed that his plans for the enlistment of recruited soldiers would strengthen the Empire.

In the effort to expand Imperial presence and power across the galaxy, Rampart was particularly patient, cunning and opportunistic in his approach. On Ryloth, he opted to momentarily surrender against Cham Syndulla's forces in order to preserve himself until reinforcements arrived, and in doing so, allowed Imperial forces to regroup and eventually capture Syndulla and frame him for the attempted assassination of Orn Free Taa in the process.[12] Rampart was also very pragmatic. When his Elite Squad returned from its mission having lost one trooper, Rampart saw the loss as unfortunate, but was not concerned, claiming that soldiers knew the risks associated with battle.[4] Rampart was willing to kill Wilco and falsify an official report to protect his reputation.[19] In his message regarding chain codes, Rampart asserted the generosity of the Empire in allowing citizens to exchange for Imperial credits.[3] During his time in Imperial Custody on Erebus, Rampart's hair had become messy and unkept, and he had grown out a beard.[29]



Rampart was equipped with a RK-3 blaster pistol.

Edmon Rampart wore the uniform of an Imperial officer, including a rank insignia plaque, which displayed two blue squares followed by four red squares in a line, and four code cylinders. Rampart's position in the Imperial Navy gave him command over at least three Venator-class Star Destroyers that belonged to a larger fleet.[18] Rampart used a RK-3 blaster to fire at Wilco.[19]

Behind the scenes[]

Vice Admiral Rampart was first unveiled for the series Star Wars: The Bad Batch on May 4, 2021, in a figure for Hasbro's Star Wars: The Black Series.[30] He subsequently appeared via hologram in "Cut and Run," the second episode of the series,[3] released on Disney+ on May 7, 2021,[31] in which he was voiced by Noshir Dalal and identified in the credits.[3]


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