Edor Crespin was a Human male from Corulag, who served as a General in the New Republic Defense Fleet's Starfighter Command. As of 7 ABY, he was the commander of the starfighter training base established on the Commenorian moon of Folor. A stern and taciturn leader, he met with Rogue Squadron commander Wedge Antilles to hear his proposal for Wraith Squadron. He met the idea with a great deal of skepticism.

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General Crespin began his career in the service of the Galactic Empire and defected over to the Rebel Alliance although it isn't clear what prompted his defection. At some unknown point, he lost an eye during an orbital bombardment from Warlord Zsinj — possibly at Noquivzor. He had a mechanical replacement although chose to wear an eye-patch over it to avoid drawing attention. Wedge Antilles suspected that the eye-patch was transparent.

At one point in the early years of the New Republic, Crespin commanded an A-wing unit known as Comet Squadron. The squadron was joined by famed former Imperial holovid star Garik "Face" Loran after he used his personal funds to purchase his own A-wing. Colonel Crespin, as he was then known, disliked the former actor and said he'd never amount to anything in the New Republic. Face then retorted that he was merely following in his commander's footsteps and ended up with a black mark against his name which is when he came to the notice of Wedge Antilles. Crespin ended up with a promotion and a transfer to Folor Base.

Crespin vehemently disagreed with Wedge's decision to form a commando squadron, particularly one made up of misfit pilots and had no problem with sharing his views. In his opinion, only people with clean records and holgenic enough should become pilots. Upon hearing this, Wedge bristled, but clamped down on his anger and proceeded with calmly but firmly demolishing Crespin's every prejudice: He, himself, as an ex-Imperial officer, could be considered a retread; good-looking pilots were certainly an asset for recruitment drives, however, if the New Republic started accepting pilots on an arbitrary "beauty value", they were no better than the Imperial Non-huMan system. Crespin relented, although he still expected the experiment to fail and that he'd have to clean up the mess. He was eventually forced to revise his opinion following certain events, and was fair enough to forget his initial apprehension, and ultimately supported Wraith Squadron.

At the Battle of Folor, Crespin commanded the rookie A-wing pilots of Blue Squadron, assisting Wraith Squadron in defending Folor Base. Crespin and Blue Squadron also participated in the Battle of Ession where they assisted Wraith Squadron in eliminating Imperial Admiral Apwar Trigit.

Following the arrest of Atton Repness, General Crespin was given command of the former training ship Tedevium after its refit and of Screaming Wookiee Squadron and assigned to Han Solo during the hunt for Zsinj. The ship and his unit served with distinction during the Battle of Selaggis.

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