"I see what the ship sees."
―Eejee Vamm[src]

Eejee Vamm was a male Duros who served as the personal aide to Adascorp CEO Arkoh Adasca during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. A lowly factory worker, Vamm was specifically selected by Adasca to receive cybernetic implants that would allow him to manage all of Adasca's data and interface directly with the computer systems of Adasca's flagship, the Arkanian Legacy. Working at his crow's nest aboard the Legacy, he was placed at the center of Adasca's plan to become a dominant force in the galaxy by auctioning off the destructive services of the massive, monstrous exogorths to the competing factions of the Mandalorian Wars.

In 3963 BBY, Vamm managed to track down the elusive Arkanian Offshoot scientist Gorman Vandrayk, who was the only man who knew how to control the exogorths and was an essential part to Adasca's plan. However, not long after Adasca's auction began, Vamm was murdered by Mandalorian Rohlan Dyre after he discovered that Vandrayk's Offshoot friend Jarael shared the genetic profile of Jedi Master Arca Jeth, the greatest hero in Arkanian culture.


"Fine. You got me. Why're you keeping her here?"
"For the same reason we cured you, Offshoot–we need you both. We need you to finish the project you were working on before you ran away–and we need her to make sure that you do."
―Gorman Vandrayk and Eejee Vamm, discussing Jarael's captivity aboard the Arkanian Legacy[src]

A male Duros, Eejee Vamm worked for The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, better known as Adascorp, which was the galaxy's largest bioengineering firm in the years prior to the Mandalorian Wars. After a time as a low-level worker at one of Adascorp's offworld factories, Vamm was presented with an unexpected opportunity. Arkoh Adasca, the CEO of Adascorp, was searching for an aide, and had determined that a Duros would be best suited to the cybernetic implants needed to access and process all of Adasca's data. Despite his anonymous stature in Adascorp, Vamm was chosen—the Duros never knew exactly why he, of all people, was selected, though he speculated that it was because Adasca had a droid called Eejee as a child. As Adasca's aide, Vamm's post was in the crow's nest of the Arkanian Legacy, which was outfitted with hundreds of holoscreens from all across the galaxy, and the Duros received cybernetic implants in his head to allow him to access and process the data from Arkania's computer networks. Vamm also had control of much of the ship's functionality and saw everything that occurred aboard the Arkanian Legacy. One of the only non-pureblood Arkanians aboard the Arkanian Legacy,[2] Vamm spent much of his adult life jacked into computer networks and watching viewscreens, searching the galaxy for one thing in particular: the elusive Arkanian Offshoot scientist Gorman Vandrayk.[3]

A former Adascorp employee, Vandrayk discovered how to access and control the minds of the massive, mysterious space slug species known as the exogorths, but went on the run for over 30 years after discovering that Adascorp was planning on weaponizing the beasts. Adascorp had been on his trail ever since, and by the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, Adasca had concocted a plan to make Adascorp a dominant force in the galaxy by selling the destructive services of the exogorths to one of the competing sides,[1] effectively choosing the winner of the war and forcing the victors to pay him tribute.[4] To this end, Adasca scoured the galaxy for any trace of Vandrayk, and in 3963 BBY, he finally found his man. Vamm happened across a security recording from the banking world of Telerath containing an Arkanian Offshoot that the Duros suspected to be Vandrayk—a remote retinal scan confirmed the man's identity as the runaway scientist. Vamm immediately messaged Adasca, telling his boss that he had what they had been searching for, but while Vamm had discovered Vandrayk's location,[5] it still took time for Adascorp to get their hands on the Offshoot.[2]


Eejee Vamm lies dead after being shot by Demagol.

Although Vandrayk remained off the grid, Adascorp struck lucky when he was forced to return to Arkania to treat an illness, allowing Adasca to manipulate his friend Jarael to bring the elderly scientist aboard the Arkanian Legacy. Vandrayk was indeed deathly ill—its cause revealed to be a severe reaction to molds and allergens growing in the vents of his old junk hauler, The Last Resort—but after Vamm helped rush the scientist into treatment, he and Adasca isolated Vandrayk from his friends by claiming that he had a fictitious disease called "Balinquar's Virus." The Arkanian Legacy's medical personnel were able to nurse Vandrayk back to health, and Vamm messaged Jarael in her quarters to assure the scientist that she was unharmed. After finishing the call, Vamm made it clear to the revived Vandrayk that he would be forced to continue his work controlling the exogorths, and that Jarael would be their hostage until the job was complete.[2] Although Vandrayk was well enough to work, Vamm continued the ruse that he was in grave condition, sending Jarael daily holomessages depicting her friend comatose in a quarantine ward. As Adasca's aide, Vamm also concerned himself with the practical needs of Adasca's plans, which were finally set in motion—Vamm was tasked with sending out invitations to the relevant parties in the Mandalorian Wars, so that Adasca could hold his exogorth "auction" in the Omonoth system, where a host of dormant exogorths had been discovered. The Duros followed Adasca's instructions, but at Vamm's suggestion Adasca passed the invitation to Mandalorian leader Mandalore the Ultimate through Vandrayk's Mandalorian companion Rohlan Dyre.[6]

As the Arkanian Legacy made its long journey to the Omonoth system, Adasca began to take great interest in Jarael, sensing an odd "purebloodedness" in the Offshoot girl. Although Vamm was suspicious of Adasca's interest, as the Offshoot was not his usual type, Adasca tasked Vamm with learning everything there was to know about Jarael, including acquiring a blood sample for a full analysis.[6] Meanwhile, the Arkanian Legacy reached its destination, Omonoth, and met with the interested parties in Adasca's auction, none of whom knew exactly what was being offered: a small group of Republic Navy survivors of the Battle of Serroco, led by Admiral Saul Karath; Mandalore the Ultimate and a large complement of warriors; and Alek, the second-in-command of the Jedi Order's Revanchist faction, which favored Jedi intervention in the Mandalorian Wars. However, Vamm detected another, unplanned-for arrival, recognizing him as another Jedi: Jedi Master Lucien Draay, an old acquaintance of Adasca's and a member of the secret Jedi Covenant group of seers, who had deduced that Adasca was up to something. Vamm arranged a meeting between the surprised Adasca and Draay in Adasca's lounge, where Adasca—refusing to accommodate a circumstance he had not planned for—had Vamm poison Draay with tainted wine and locked in the ship's brig.[7]

With Draay seemingly out of the picture, Vamm initiated a test of the exogorths' destructive abilities, but was unable to watch over the subsequent auction—he had gotten word from the labs that Jarael's blood sample had yielded surprising results. Adasca dispatched Vamm to the lab, and the Duros was stunned with what they had found:[1] Jarael shared DNA with the late Jedi Master Arca Jeth, one of the greatest heroes of Arkanian society.[8] However, before Vamm could relay this information to Adasca, Rohlan Dyre—who wished to keep the knowledge to himself—broke into the lab and shot Vamm with a blaster, killing him.[1] With Vamm dead, Adasca's plans came apart when Vandrayk commanded the exogorths to attack the Arkanian Legacy, ripping the ship to shreds and killing the eighth and final Lord of House Adasca.[4] The remains of the Arkanian Legacy, left derelict and listing in contested space, were abandoned after the end of Adasca's scheme.[9] However, later in the Mandalorian Wars, a Republic force led by Admiral Karath and Alek retook Omonoth long enough to salvage the remains of the Arkanian Legacy. Among other things, they found Vamm's mutilated corpse in the lab in which he fell. The mutilation was unusual for Mandalorians.[10]

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"It isn't often people express interest in what I do."
―Eejee Vamm[src]

Although Arkoh Adasca and his kind had a history of genocidal speciesism,[1] the Duros Eejee Vamm was defined by his steadfast loyalty to Lord Adasca, the man who had elevated him from an anonymous life as a simple factory worker to a position as the personal aide to one of the most powerful captains of industry in the galaxy. His life consumed by commitment to his job, Vamm worked tirelessly to help execute Adasca's plans, and was hostile to beings like Gorman Vandrayk who opposed Adasca's vision.[2] Still, despite his deference to Adasca, Vamm was unafraid to occasionally question his boss, and was one of the few whose council Adasca listened to—[6] despite the fact that Adasca still looked down on Vamm because of his species.[6] Vamm's important role to Adasca's day-to-day operations often escaped the notice of most of the people Vamm came into contact with, but Adasca still relied on the Duros a great deal, and he played a critical role in Adasca's plan for galactic prominence. As a Duros, Vamm had green skin and red eyes, and typically wore an orange jumpsuit while working on the Arkanian Legacy.[2]

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Eejee Vamm first appeared briefly in Knights of the Old Republic 13: Days of Fear, Part 1, an issue of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic book series, written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2007.[5] After his first appearance, Vamm went on to become a major supporting character in the subsequent story arcs Nights of Anger and Daze of Hate, where he was used to illustrate Miller's theme of class and racial division.[11] Vamm was originally illustrated by Dustin Weaver in Days of Fear,[5] and was additionally drawn by Harvey Tolibao[2] and Bong Dazo in his subsequent appearances.[1]



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