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"Thank you, Phoenix Squadron. You've saved us. You've saved us all."
―Eesh Fahm[src]

Eesh Fahm was a human male who worked as a miner on the planet Ibaar about four years prior to the Battle of Yavin. Fahm operated an underground network that resisted the Empire's rule on Ibaar.


"The Empire has doubled our work quotas and has cut our rations."
―Eesh Fahm describes the situation on Ibaar[src]

Eesh Fahm operated an underground network on his homeworld, providing aid to his people. After the Galactic Empire cut off food rations to the planet, Fahm worked with Phoenix Cell in order to bring food through the blockade.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You have our deepest gratitude Phoenix Squadron."
―Eash Fahm to the crew of the Ghost[src]

Eesh Fahm was a determined leader for his people and did all he could to look after them. This quality was shown as Fahm operated an underground network on his homeworld of Ibaar which provided aid to his people. During the blockade of Ibaar, he wore a helmet, a patterned jacket and black gloves.[1]

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