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"Are those eggs?"
Sabine Wren, stumbling upon a krykna nest[1]

A Geonosian Queen egg

Some species of organism gave birth to their offspring in eggs instead of through live birth. The egg would protect the young until they eventually hatched.[2] Eggs were known to be fragile; when the First Order attempted to break through the massive door which protected the Resistance outpost during the Battle of Crait, Poe Dameron remarked that the enemy's superlaser siege cannon would crack the door open like an egg.[3]

The Jawas from Arvala-7 loved to eat mudhorn eggs.[4] Eggs could also be cracked into a bowl and used as an ingredient in cooking.[5]

The knobby white ice spiders laid eggs arranged in a wide area in caves.[6]

Grogu ate eggs belonging to that of Frog Lady.[6]


Porter Engle cracking eggs into a bowl


Shells from broken porg eggs.

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