"This is our future."
―Eglyn Valmor speaks about the wreckage of the Death Star[src]

Eglyn Valmor was a human female from the planet Alderaan who came to serve as the regent administrator of the Alderaan Flotilla; a collection of starships that carried the surviving natives of her homeworld after it was destroyed by the Galactic Empire. In the year 5 ABY, she attended a meeting to discuss her peoples' future on board the flotilla's Alderaanian escort frigate Sunspire while the flotilla was floating amongst the remains of Alderaan in the Alderaan system. At the meeting, Valmor argued that the flotilla should remain where their home had once been, while others argued that they should leave to resettle another world. The argument ended when several New Republic vessels arrived in the system to deliver the remains of the Death Star superweapon, which Valmor declared could be used to build a new space station.


"We could build a whole space station of our own."
―Valmor begins making plans for the Death Star remains[src]

Eglyn Valmor was a human female native of the planet Alderaan who survived the destruction of her homeworld by the Galactic Empire's Death Star superweapon[1] in the year 0 BBY.[2] Following Alderaan's destruction, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan and the Rebel pilot Evaan Verlaine gathered together the surviving Alderaanians and formed the Alderaan Flotilla.[1]

By the year 5 ABY,[3] Valmor had been elected as regent Administrator of the flotilla, the starships of which were positioned amongst the remains of Alderaan in the Alderaan system. Valmor attended a meeting on board the Alderaanian escort frigate Sunspire to discuss the future of the flotilla where she argued that they should remain where their homeworld had once been. Others at the meeting including the former teacher Icar Orliss claimed that they should instead find a new world to settle on.[1]

This argument continued until Valmor and the others were made aware of the arrival of several New Republic vessels in the Alderaan system by communications officer Rickert Beagle. The vessels were hauling the remains of the Death Star with them, as Organa and Verlaine had worked with flotilla member Teven Gale to secure them as a resource for the Alderaanians. The regent administrator was initially shocked, but then stated they should use the remains to forge a space station of their own. Orliss still disagreed, but others began to concur with her plan.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"This is our home. This patch of sky is ours. Our world was here. And the diaspora has returned us to this place. We are home and I will not leave it."
―Eglyn Valmor[src]

While arguing on the Sunspire, Valmor paced up and down and fiddled with a loose braid of her ice-blond hair. Teven Gale considered her young, but believed she possessed vital heart. She was extremely pleased about the flotilla coming to possess the Death Star wreckage, staring at it with child-like wonderment.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Eglyn Valmor first appeared in the novel Aftermath: Life Debt, which was written by Chuck Wendig[1] and released released on July 12, 2016.[4]


Notes and referencesEdit

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