"Of course, any trader who is caught dealing unfairly is immediately punished. His feet are tied to the roots of an egoa tree, and his hands are tied to the branches of that same tree. The egoa tree grows at a rate of one meter per day. The result is gruesome, but the Tal Nami have an intense dislike of villainous traders."
DV-9 describes the egoa tree and the punishment based on it to Meego[src]

Egoa trees were a non-sentient species of tree that grew on the planet Tal Nami within Hutt Space. The trees were capable of growing fruit, roots and branches and grew at a rate of one meter per day. Members of the sentient Tal Nami species, who also lived on the planet Tal Nami, required the fruit of the egoa tree in their diet to survive, along with the root of the capabara plant, which grew in a separate region of the planet from the egoa tree. Due to the separation of the plants, the Tal Nami of the two different regions traded the plants, leading them to develop a code of honor for trading that always ensured a fair deal for both sides. Traders who did not honor the code were punished by having their hands tied to the branches of an egoa tree and their feet to the roots, which resulted in their death due to the trees' rate of growth.[1]

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Egoa trees were mentioned in Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead, a 1997 book which was part of the Galaxy of Fear series written by John Whitman and aimed at young readers.[1]

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