Egome Fass was a male Houk. He had a huge square jaw and tiny gleaming eyes, which were set back under bony brow ridges. He was almost as tall as a Wookiee.


In 22 BBY, Fass was in Judicial Hearing Chamber Y-76 due to an arraignment along with a then 22-year-old Weequay, Ker-Zakk. The two overpowered bailiffs, began fighting, and were both stunned into unconsciousness. Judicial official Warren Sloat called for an extended recess, and ordered hearings to resume 3:29 of that year. The cases went on trial over the next two years.

In 2 BBY he was an enforcer for the twin criminals J'uoch and R'all. During his time in their employ, he was killed by Chewbacca.

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