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"You're getting decrepit; two tries to put away a bum like that!"
―Han Solo to Chewbacca, after the latter's defeat of Egome Fass[src]

Egome Fass was a male Houk who worked as an enforcer for a criminal mining outfit on the planet Dellalt during the era of the Galactic Civil War. After getting involved with Houk-Weequay gang conflicts on Coruscant, Fass signed up as muscle for the twins J'uoch and R'all, who had designs on the ancient treasure of the Queen of Ranroon. In their pursuit they came into conflict with another group of treasure hunters that included the hulking Wookiee Chewbacca, with whom Fass tangled multiple times. Although Fass got the better of Chewbacca in their first encounter, the Wookiee overpowered the Houk the second time around, crushing him to death with a powerful bearhug.


"They have a partner, Egome Fass, their enforcer. He's a big, mean humanoid, a Houk, even taller than Chewie there. All three came up the hard way, and that's how they play."
―"Trooper" Badure[src]

Born in 45 BBY,[1] Egome Fass was a member of the Houk species,[2] a race well-known for its size and toughness—[3] Fass, who had a hard and violent upbringing, stood out even among Houks for his large stature and mean temper.[2] By the era of the Clone Wars Fass had left his home and immigrated to Coruscant, where he became involved in local Houk gang warfare. In 22 BBY Fass and a number of other Houks were a part of a large brawl with a Weequay gang in Eastport, resulting in Fass' arrest. Fass was arraigned the next month along with several other offenders in Judicial Hearing Chamber Y-76 in the Judicial Arcology building, where Fass and a Weequay named Ker-Zakk overpowered bailiffs and began the fight anew. Security shortly stunned the two combatants into unconsciousness, and afterward, presiding Judicial Officer Warren Sloat ordered an extended recess.[1]

Chewbacca, the Wookiee who ultimately proved to be Egome Fass's match.

By 2 BBY Fass had found his way to the backwater Tion Hegemony, where he found work as an enforcer for a pair of twins, J'uoch and R'all, who ran an illegal mining outfit on the planet Dellalt. That year, their small-time criminal enterprise learned of a much larger prize than just unlawful mining: they discovered that a group of former miners on Dellalt, Alexsandr "Trooper" Badure and sisters Lanni and Hasti Troujow, had somehow stumbled across the log-recorder of the Queen of Ranroon, the fabled lost treasure ship of the ancient galactic despot Xim. Believing that the recorder would point them in the treasure's direction, Fass and the twins confronted them when they returned to Dellalt, having left to find offworld help in finding the ship. A frenzied shootout ensued in the streets outside Xim's treasure vaults, where Fass tangled for the first time with the other group's heavy muscle, a hulking Wookiee named Chewbacca. Fass attacked Chewbacca from behind and gained the physical advantage, although the Wookiee's partner Han Solo stopped Fass from striking a decisive blow with a stream of slugs that bounced off Fass' body armor. Ultimately, the battle ended when Badure's group was forced to flee into the wilderness, with Fass and the twins stealing their ship, the Millennium Falcon, for good measure.[2]

Fass hadn't seen the last of Chewbacca or his cohorts, however. Several weeks later, the Wookiee and his partners found their way into the mining camp, their arrival coinciding with an attack from a battalion of ancient war-droids led by the Survivors, descendants of Xim's honor guard that had previously led an obscure, isolated existence in the mountains. Fass and Chewbacca tangled again within the chaos of the battle, the two massive humanoids fighting hand-to-hand amidst the crossfire of dozens of blaster bolts. Fass managed to get the Wookiee into a chokehold, only for Chewbacca to overpower the Houk and catch him in a crushing bearhug that ultimately cracked Fass's spine and killed him.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Egome Fass was tough and violent from his early years—after getting involved with Houk gang warfare in his 20s,[1] Fass made a living out of physical intimidation, earning a reputation for his size and temper. Even taller than the fearsome Wookiee Chewbacca, the imposing Houk had no qualms fighting dirty, but Chewbacca ultimately proved to be his match with his uncommon strength and fighting spirit.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Egome Fass first appeared in Han Solo and the Lost Legacy, a novel written by Brian Daley and released in 1980.[1]



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