"Whole planets may be laid waste and fleets of wreckage float lifelessly in the void; still-warm fragments of Death Star may tumble alongside the cold splinters of the Eibon Scimitar."
Rivoche Tarkin[src]

The Eibon Scimitar was a capital ship that served as the flagship of Xim the Despot during the Xim Wars.[2] Its keel was laid down in the Barancar shipyards,[1] and it was destroyed during the First Battle of Vontor.[2] The ship was replaced by the Deathknell, which met a similar fate at the Third Battle of Vontor.[1] Its cold splinters continued to drift through space long after the battle ended.[3]

Popularly portrayed as an enormous ship, images of the Eibon Scimitar later inspired the Galactic Republic's Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser. Despite its depiction as a gargantuan vessel, military historians agreed that the Eibon Scimitar would qualify as a heavy cruiser under the Anaxes War College System.[1]

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