"Our disputes are not petty."
Ha-ran commenting on Shadow's remark[src]

The Eickarie were a reptilian alien species from the Unknown Regions that were aligned with the Empire of the Hand. They were native to the planet Kariek. They had pale orange blood and orange and green skin with patterns of black scales around their large eyes and across the backs of their heads. They are close enough to Human norm in body shape to fit into standard stormtrooper armor.

Several details about the Eickarie language are known, such as "shak" meaning "ready". In their culture, "left-handed" was associated with evil and deceit while "right-handed" was associated with good and truth. Notable Eickaries include Su-mil and Ha-ran.

They were formerly a fragmented tribal people who had been ruled by a tyrannical Warlord for 50 standard years prior to 22 ABY. While the Warlord was unpopular and reviled by much of the general population, he remained in power due to the tribal conflicts with the Eickarie people and the minute support of local collaborators. Eventually, the United Tribes of Kariek was formed during the United Tribes Agreement to oppose the Warlord.

The United Tribes was covertly supported by the Empire of the Hand which helped overthrow the Warlord during the Battle of Kariek. With the Warlord defeated, the Eickaries planned to join the Empire of the Hand.



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