"You have an eidetic memory, and I've spoken with your superiors. Apparently, once you see something, you can replicate it, and you've done so on a few occasions previously."
Admiral Garrick Versio, to Seyn Marana[src]

An eidetic memory was the ability to remember everything one saw and heard. It was useful in learning multiple languages. Inferno Squad member Seyn Marana possessed an eidetic memory.[1] Willard Waylin's eidetic memory and fascination with Imperial design made him an unparalleled mechanic in the Galactic Empire.[2] Vi Moradi also possessed an eidetic memory and used it to vividly recount the stories told to her by Siv about Phasma.[3] One Duros claimed to Moradi that they had perfect memories.[4] Yama Dex possessed an eidetic memory, which was why she had been placed in the records department.[5]

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