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The Eidolon was a redesigned Strike-class cruiser.



The Eidolon's special TIE launch rack.

The Eidolon design contained several advances, it boasted upgraded TIE launch racks that were able to launch several TIE/LN starfighters in a very short time. After landing/docking the TIE's in the dual TIE rack mounted in the docking bay at the base of the command tower, the racked TIE's were shunted through maintenance and refueling areas, ending up in the launch corridors on either side of the ship. Thus allowing a constant stream of short-mission fighter protection.


Secretly manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards in the Seswenna sector, the Eidolon disappeared on its maiden flight. Unbeknownst to the galaxy at large, the ship was nothing more than a ruse by Sate Pestage to hide his accumulated wealth on Tatooine. Although the cruiser never went into full production, the hull and launch rack of the prototype was made and retrofitted into Eidolon Base.


The Eidolon during the evacuation of Ciutric.

Behind the scenesEdit

The cover of X-Wing Rogue Squadron 32: Mandatory Retirement, Part 1 incorrectly shows the Eidolon during the evacuation of Ciutric.



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