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"Branded himself as the assassin who could kill absolutely anybody. For the right price, of course. Spent several years proving it, too."
Crysta Markon, briefing the future Grand Champion of the Great Hunt on his target[src]

The Eidolon was a male Zabrak assassin and owner of Eidolon Security on Nar Shaddaa during the Cold War. In 3643 BBY, he was chosen as one of the targets of the Great Hunt.

After the future Grand Champion of the competition bombed his company's manufacturing facility and uploaded its private records on to the HoloNet with assistance from Hutt lieutenant Gele'ren and his slicer, Anuli, the Eidolon was drawn out of hiding. His assassin droids killed Anuli after the slicer uploaded the company's records, and he informed the hunter that he would meet them if they could survive the way to his location on the moon.

After defeating the Eidolon's security forces and making their way to him, the hunter and Mako confronted him and were attacked after a short conversation. The Eidolon was defeated in combat by the hunter, who handed him over to the Hutt Cartel as a live bounty.

Behind the scenesEdit

Instead of handing him over to the Hutts, where a worse fate likely awaits, the player has the option of giving him a mercy killing, or giving the decision to Mako. Mako will decide to kill him if the player chooses this option.


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