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Eidolon Base was the name used by Marl Semtin to indicate the location of the starship Eidolon and its weapons cache on Tatooine.


The base was located along the edge of the Northern Dune Sea. It was the property of Sate Pestage, a high-ranking imperial official who lived in fear of being purged. He was put in charge of constructing the Eidolon, an experimental strike cruiser to advance the Imperial war effort. Due to it being “barely space worthy“ and the advisor's paranoia, Pestage took and hid the ship for himself without his superiors' knowledge. He then used the continuing project funding to build the installation and purchase munitions, art and other forms of wealth from across the galaxy.

Pestage entrusted Captain Marl Semtin of the Imperial Navy to guard the secret location. The captain failed when the base was discovered by Rogue Squadron and seized from Imperial control.

Later, after it was emptied by the New Republic, a group of former Imperials took control of the base and used it as a shelter for Imperial supporters unwilling to trasverse to the remote systems of the Imperial Remnant. Over the years, the New Republic ceded the land on which the base was located to the Imperials, and Eidolon Base became a wealthy city unto itself.

By 24 ABY, the leader of Eidolon Base was Arajen Turmen.



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