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"When she has the same dream over and over, it always comes true."
―Kel, on his sister Eila[src]

Eila was a Force-sensitive human female, and the younger sister of Kel. She occasionally saw visions of the future in her dreams. In 34 ABY, she and Kel escaped their homeworld of Tehar after First Order forces led by Kylo Ren massacred their village including their family. Kel and Eila fled to the Colossus platform on the planet Castilon. Despite being pursued by First Order troops led by Commander Pyre, the two siblings managed to find refuge with the help of Resistance pilot Kazuda Xiono and the Chelidae.


Orphans of Tehar[]

Kel and Eila were hunted by the First Order, bringing them in contact with Kaz

During the New Republic era, Eila and her brother were forced to flee their homeworld of Tehar as stowaways when the army of the First Order, led by Kylo Ren, wiped out their village on their planet, including their parents. The two siblings were the only survivors. When the First Order discovered there were two survivors, they hunted down Eila and Kel, placing a 20,000 credit bounty on them, as they didn't want any word of the atrocity to spread.[1]

Eventually, the two arrived on the Colossus platform on Castilon, where Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono, in need of cash, had recently heard of the bounty, but not who placed it. He, his friend Neeku Vozo, and the droid BB-8 tracked down the siblings with the assistance of Vozo's Chelidae friends, who worked in engineering. In a chase in the Colossus marketplace after Kel had stolen food from a vendor, Eila broke her leg, which posed problems as any medcenter would ask for their identification.[1]

When First Order agents led by Commander Pyre arrived on the platform and tracked the two siblings down, Xiono helped them fake their deaths to get the First Order off their trail. Eila and Kel were given sanctuary by the Chelidae, who offered to let them stay with them in engineering.[1]

The Bibo Incident[]

Later on, Eila began having repeated dreams of something attacking the Colossus. From experience, she and Kel knew she was dreaming of the future. When Vozo's newly-acquired pet Bibo found his way down to engineering, the children knew that Eila's dreams and what was coming to the Colossus were connected to Bibo. Vozo and Tamara Ryvora eventually arrived in search of the pet, and Eila and Kel returned Bibo, and told the two of her dreams. The dreams heralded the arrival of Bibo's mother, an enormous creature who was intent on retrieving her child.[3]

The unconscious stormtrooper[]

After the First Order occupied the Colossus, Eila and her brother were fishing for snarlfish on the underside of the platform when their laughter was overheard by a patrolling stormtrooper, CS-515. Kel claimed that the two children had lost their identification, so CS-515 attempted to take them away, grabbing Eila by the wrist. Kel and Eila fought him, eventually knocking him unconscious. Aware that this could lead to trouble, they decided to go to Xiono for help. Although it was dangerous for them to be on the platform's upper levels, they went to Jarek Yeager's Repair Station, where Xiono and Jarek Yeager were eating lunch with Vozo and Ryvora. When Eila and Kel asked for help, Xiono called for Vozo and BB-8 to come along. He tried to talk Ryvora out of coming because she hadn't listened to his warnings about the First Order, but she insisted.[4]

Eila and Kel led the Team Fireball members to where they had stashed the unconscious trooper in a closet, which prompted panic, as Xiono was concerned he could wake up and kill them all, while Ryvora thought they should turn themselves in. When CS-515 began to come to, Vozo knocked him out again with a wrench. Xiono made it clear they had to move CS-515 before other First Order personnel discovered him, and the group hauled him off to engineering. Eila and Kel stayed downstairs while Xiono hit upon the idea of impersonating the trooper both so that his absence wouldn't be missed and to ascertain if the trooper had reported the children's presence. While Xiono was upstairs, Ryvora panicked about Xiono's actions, and Eila and Kel called her out for trusting the First Order's word more than that of her friends, who were telling her about the Order's untrustworthiness. Ryvora was shocked when the siblings told her about why they had fled Tehar. When CS-515 woke up, groggy, Eila and Kel initially hid with Ryvora while Vozo dealt with the trooper. When he panicked upon seeing a Chelidae, Eila managed to calm him down, before Vozo shocked him unconscious again.[4]

That evening, when Xiono contacted them and asked them to meet him with the unconscious CS-515, as Xiono was fleeing from the First Order after giving the stormtroopers the impression that "CS-515"'s mental conditioning was faulty, Eila, Kel, Ryvora, Vozo, and BB-8 carried the unconscious trooper through the halls. When they encountered Namua, Ryvora told him that the unconscious man was sick and they were taking him to the medcenter. They hid in the maintenance ducts underneath the floor before Xiono arrived, and stayed there as CS-515 was dressed back up in his armor and propped up to be recovered by the other stormtroopers. Afterwards, Xiono told Eila and Kel they were safe for now as the trooper hadn't reported them, but that things were going to get much worse on the Colossus.[4]

Sinking the Colossus[]

After Xiono, Yeager, Vozo, and CB-23 fell down a trapdoor while fleeing stormtroopers, Eila and Kel greeted them. Eila and Kel then reunited Team Fireball with their droid Bucket, who had survived being shot by Commander Pyre. The two siblings were present when Xiono and Vozo devised a plan to contact the Resistance by sinking the Colossus beneath the sea. This plan worked and enabled Xiono, Yeager, and CB-23 to swim up to Doza Tower and deactivate the communications jammer. Despite sending a message, Yeager was captured. Eila and her brother were present when CB-23 played a message from the Resistance leader General Leia Organa apologizing that she could not send aid. When Eila asked if the Resistance was coming, Kel reassured her that they were not alone and that they were now Team Colossus.[2]

Battle of Castilon[]

Eila, Kel and the other Colossus resistance members later attended a briefing by Xiono, who outlined his plan to free Yeager and the other prisoners and then escape on a shuttle to Hosnian Prime, capital of the New Republic. After the resistance members seized control of the hyperdrive chamber, Eila and her brother stayed in the control with Vozo. The three of them were tasked with manning the controls for the outer hatches while Kaz and CB-23 swam to Doza Tower.[5]

Kaz and CB-23 tried to swim to the upper levels of the Colossus but were pursued by First Order SCUBA troopers. Kaz and CB-23 were forced to flee back to the underwater corridor. Eila, Kel, and Vozo made several attempts to find the controls for depressurizing the airlock before finding the right button, sucking the SCUBA troopers into the sea. This allowed Kaz and CB-23 to find away to reach Doza Tower through the station's tunnels and corridors.[5]

During the Attack on Castilon, Eila remained in the hyperdrive room with her brother. They helped Vozo to drain the submerged outer corridors and also flush out stormtroopers. Towards the end of the battle, Vozo fired up the Colossus' engines and hyperdrive, taking the station into space. Following the battle, Eila, Kel, and the others watched the Colossus traveling through lightspeed in the hangar.[6]

The temple of doom[]

During the Colossus' voyage through space, Eila and Kel longed to see trees, grass, rocks, and nature after being cooped up in the engineering deck for a long time. After the two siblings snuck up on Kaz, Eila managed to convince Kaz to let her and Kel accompany him, CB-23, Torra Doza, and Synara San on a supply mission to the planet Ashas Ree.[7]

Despite Kaz's orders to stay aboard their Star Commuter 2000 shuttle, Eila and Kel ventured outside of the ship. They followed several bio-luminescent insects before heading into the Temple of the Force at the center of the local village. Despite Kaz's objections, Eila and Kel insisted on visiting the temple, which reminded of a similar structure on their homeworld of Tehar.[7]

Eila soon heard a voice coming from a black pyramid at the center of the Temple of the Force, which turned out to be a Sith temple. Eila and Kel convinced a reluctant Kaz and CB-23 to explore the temple in order to help the trapped person. Eila and Kel were soon separated from Kaz, who got trap in an underground chamber. Eila and Kel tried finding an exit but were lost.[7]

Fortunately for them, they encountered CB-23, who led them into the chamber above the underground chamber where Kaz was trapped with the Archaeologist Mika Grey. Under Mika's guidance, Kel and Eila used several star-shaped buttons to deactivate the grinder, saving Kaz and Mika from certain death. After Kaz and Mika escaped the chamber, Mika took a Sith artifact, seeking to prevent the First Order from getting their hands on it. Due to Kaz's clumsiness, the group narrowly escaped a self-destruct mechanism which destroyed the temple.[7]

Upon reaching the surface, Eila and the others discovered that First Order Raiders under Raith had captured Torra, Freya, and their droids. Eila, Kel, and Kaz were soon captured. However, Mika reached the top of the Temple of the Force. Following a verbal exchange with Raith, she threw the Sith artifact at the First Order soldiers, incinerating them. Eila and the others managed to escape.[7]

Due to the destruction of her ship, Mika accompanied Eila and the others back to the Colossus. On the way home, Eila apologized to Kaz for the trouble that she and Eila had caused. Kaz was in a forgiving mood and said that they shouldn't walk into creepy old temples next time. Eila befriended Mika, who was familiar with the Force and told Eila that the Force was something inside of everyone.[7]

Standing their ground[]

Eila and Kel attended a townhall meeting with the other Colossus residents where Captain Doza briefed the community about Yeager and Kaz's mission to rescue Tamara Ryvora from a First Order. Following a debate, the Colossus residents decided to aid Kaz's team by standing up to the First Order. The Colossus destroyed Commander Pyre's Star Destroyer during a skirmish in the Barabesh system, ending the First Order's hunt for the station.[8]

Personality and traits[]

Eila was a human girl with curly red-brown hair, yellow eyes, and dark skin. She had a close relationship with her older brother Kel, the last surviving member of their family. Due to the First Order's role in the massacre of their family and village, both Eila and Kel opposed the First Order. While they initially distrusted Kazuda Xiono, Eila and Kel came to trust and respect him after he hid them from First Order forces.[1] Eila and Kel came to regard Kaz as a leader following the capture of Jarek Yeager.[2]

Yeager also had a soft spot for Eila and Kel, welcoming them to his garage.[4] Due to the long voyage aboard the Colossus, Eila and Kel experienced boredom and wanted to experience nature again. Eila was curious and had a good sense of hearing. She could also be mischievous, frightening Kaz and disobeying his orders not to leave their ship. Eila also found a mentor in Mika, who was familiar with the Force.[7]

Powers and abilities[]

Eila also appeared to be Force-sensitive and had several dreams warning of the "Bibo incident." She also foresaw the danger that the rokkna Bibo's mother posed to the station and warned that the creature was coming for Bibo.[3] Eila also learnt how to fish for snarlfish from her brother Kel.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Eila is a character created for the animated series Star Wars Resistance. She first appeared in the episode "The Children from Tehar," and is voiced by Nikki SooHoo.[1] Earlier versions of the story had the character's name as "Dopa," which means "two" in Huttese.[9]



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