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"I'm hit!"
―Ekelarc Yong's last words[src]

Ekelarc Yong was a human male who served in the Rebel Alliance as a starfighter pilot during the Galactic Civil War. He flew as a member of Gray Squadron during the Battle of Endor.


Ekelarc Yong flew as Gray Three[3] during the Battle of Endor under Gray Leader[2] Horton Salm.[1] After following the Millennium Falcon into the Imperial Fleet, Yong's Y-wing starfighter was crippled by two TIE fighters. However, in a final act of defiance, he managed to guide his inflamed fighter to crash into the hull of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer.[2]

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Though shown onscreen with a bat symbol on the chin of his helmet, the databank misidentified him with the picture of another Y-wing pilot Telsij, who was seen in the initial stages of the battle.



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