The Eklaad were quadrupedal vegetarian sapients indigenous to Sirpar. They were peaceful and primitive, not having advanced technology. The Eklaad were short and squat, having hooved feet and an elongated, prehensile snout which ended in three digits. Their skin was covered with a thick armor hide, which would often be decorated wth trinkets and paintings.

The Eklaad were physically very strong due to their high gravity environment, but they generally disliked violence. When threatened, they would typically either curl up into an armored ball and wait for the danger to go away, or they would flee. However, when there were no alternatives to fighting, the Eklaad would bravely defend themselves, fighting surprisingly ferociously.

The native language of the Eklaad consisted of various hooting sounds, but most Eklaad had learned Basic through contact with the Galactic Empire. Ever since the arrival of the Empire on Sirpar, the number of Eklaad had dwindled considerably. Many Eklaad had turned to scavenging, living in hidden settlements, while the remainder were nomads. Eklaad tribes were ruled by hereditary chieftains. Before the arrival of the Empire, there was also a planetary council of cheftains.



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