Ekria was a female Barolian Jedi Padawan who served the Jedi Order, and the Galactic Republic as a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ekria witnessing the death of Aayla Secura.

Padawan[edit | edit source]

A Force-sensitive near-Human from Baroli, Ekria was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order. Selected as a Padawan during the Separatist Crisis, Ekria took on the mantle of Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic when the Clone Wars erupted between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When her master was killed during the fighting, Ekria was orphaned and stationed at the Coruscant Jedi Temple while she awaited reassignment.[1]

During the third and final year of war, Padawan Ekria was assigned to the ongoing campaign on Felucia and placed under the command of Jedi Master Aayla Secura. Combining her troops with those of Secura's, Ekria aided the Twi'lek Jedi in the hunt for the Commerce Guild's Presidente Shu Mai, using her skills as a slicer and her knowledge of a variety of mathematical techniques to infiltrate systems and analyze Mai's financial transactions. Using the girl's calculations the Jedi were successful in locating Master Barriss Offee and Padawan Zonder, both of whom had been captured by the Confederacy. In the following days, Padawans Ekria and Zonder were joined by recently orphaned apprentice Drake Lo'gaan; the three Jedi commanders were assisting their masters in thwarting the Commerce Guild's plan to poison Felucia's ecosystem. While separated from their Masters and clone troopers, the Padawans intercepted a transmission direct from the Office of the Supreme Chancellor which declared the initiation of Contingency Order 66.[1]

Order 66 and exile[edit | edit source]

Unnerved by the fact the transmission had been sent using a Confederate encryption over Republic channels, the Padawans were further shocked when they hacked into their clone troopers' helmet cams and witnessed the brutal execution of Master Secura.[1] Realizing they were in danger, the three fled Felucia and managed to return to Coruscant where they quickly went to ground. Using her skills, Ekria hacked into the Temple Archives' rosters and deleted all traces of her companions' identities. As she and her friends were attempting to stay alive and limit their use of the Force, Ekria strove to uphold the Jedi principles despite the increasing difficulty to irk out an honest living in the underworld.[4]

In an attempt to find employment on Coruscant, Padawan Zonder was to be deported to Byss where he unknowingly faced execution. Using her expert slicing skills, Ekria, or "Blue," was able to get access to the transport carrying Zonder and falsify documents for Lo'gaan to board as well to rescue their friend. Fleeing the retribution of the Empire, the three continued to risk exposure as they agreed to assist a man named Kodo Finn work out an agreement with Prince Xizor of Xizor Transport Systems where in Finn would trade secret information on rival company TaggeCo in exchange for freedom. While the deal seemed confirmed, the three Padawans had in fact been double-crossed by Xizor and Zonder was captured in the ensuing firefight.[3]

Unable to intervene when their Selonian friend was taken before Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, Ekria and Lo'gaan watched in horror via their comlinks as the Sith beheaded their ally. Splitting up to lessen the possibility they would both be captured, Ekria could do nothing when Lo'gaan was captured by the Empire. Tracking his movements to the planet Tepasi, she rescued her fellow Padawan from sharing Zonder's fate through a fair amount of deception. Wielding a training lightsaber when she attacked Vader, Ekria sustained several blaster-inflicted wounds and appeared dead. Taking up her lightsaber, Vader struck down Lo'gaan and left them for dead. Surviving the encounter thanks to her body armor, Ekria and Lo'gaan had successfully faked their own deaths and the pair escaped off world. As Imperial records identified them as having been killed in the fighting, the two were free to travel without fear of being hunted, as long as they refrained from using the Force. After recovering Zonder's body, the two took his body to his homeworld Selonia and gave him a traditional Jedi funeral.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The character of Ekria was created by Paul Ens, who has stated that his favorite Star Wars character is Zakarisz Ghent. Both Ekria and Ghent (Thrawn Trilogy depiction) look very similar and share a homeworld; they have the same hair color and similar facial tattoos. It has yet to be revealed if the two characters are somehow related.

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