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Elainye Pryce was a human female who was the mother of Arihnda Pryce and the wife of Talmoor Pryce. Like her husband, she was part owner of Pryce Mining but by the time of the doonium vein discovery, her daughter was running the company. After the loss of the family mine to the Empire, Elainye and Talmoor were relocated to Batonn. They lived there for the next few years and were present at the Batonn insurgency. Elainye and Talmoor survived due to the intervention of their daughter Pryce, whose actions caused many deaths during the Siege of the Creekpath Mining and Refining complex.


Early lifeEdit

Sometime prior to the Clone Wars and the rise of the Galactic Empire, Elainye met and married Talmoor Pryce on the planet Lothal. She began working for his family mine, and eventually gave birth to their only daughter, Arihnda. By the time a doonium vein was discovered in their mine, she and Talmoor had taken a less active role in running the mine, allowing Arihnda to handle executive decisions.[1]

Accusation of EmbezzlementEdit

Once Governor Ryder Azadi and his representative at Pryce Mining Arik Uvis learned of the doonium vein Arihnda had discovered in the mine, they approached Arihnda with an offer to buy a controlling interest in Pryce Mining in exchange for their protection from the Empire and mega corporations. Arihnda, refusing to give in to Azadi and Uvis' fear tactics, rejected the offer, leaving both Azadi and Uvis incensed.[1]

In an act of retribution, Azadi and Uvis falsified embezzlement charges and Elainye was promptly arrested. She was held in prison without bail while Arihnda went to Senator Domus Renking to plead Elainye's case. Renking informed Arihnda that he could not simply release Elainye until she was proven undoubtedly innocent, mentioning that Elainye's next mining job may well be on Kessel. As a solution, Renking suggested that Arihnda sell the mine to the Empire in exchange for Elainye's freedom, a job for Elainye and Talmoor on Batonn, and a job for Arihnda on Coruscant. She took the deal.[1]

Elainye was later released and cleared of charges when Arihnda took Renking's deal, and she and Talmoor were relocated to Creekpath Mining and Refining complex on Batonn to serve as an assistant manager and foreman respectively. They stayed there comfortably for the next few years.[1]

The Battle of BatonnEdit

As Nightswan's rebels gathered inside the Creekpath mine in preparation during the Siege of the Creekpath Mining and Refining complex, Elainye and Talmoor found themselves inside the insurgents' shield generator by nature of the location of their home. Both Elainye and Talmoor agreed with the rebels about the state of Batonn's government, Governor Restos and the Empire as a whole, but refused to join the rebels in their stronghold. They insisted that while they agreed with the rebels, they were not rebels themselves.[1]

Elainye greeted Arihnda and ISB Agent Gudry at the door the day of the Battle of Batonn, welcoming them into her home. Unbeknownst to her, Arihnda stole her comm. Elainye stayed home when Talmoor, Arihnda, and Gudry went into the mine.[1]

Elainye was surprised when Arihnda and Talmoor came home early after Arihnda faked a comm call from Elainye to Talmoor alleging that Elainye had fallen ill. She didn't have much time to be surprised, however, as Arihnda quickly demanded that both she and Talmoor pack their belongings to evacuate Creekpath before the battle began. Elainye was hesitant to evacuate, not wanting to abandon her friends and neighbors, but Talmoor convinced her to do as Arihnda said.[1]

Elainye and Talmoor began to pack, prioritizing datacards filled with memories from Arihnda's childhood. Elainye witnessed Arihnda's murder of Gudry from the stairs as she was attempting to pack a multicolored crystal that held sentimental value to her. Elainye was surprised by the murder she witnessed but it didn't change her opinion of Arihnda, as she quickly resumed packing after making sure her daughter didn't need first aid after her fight with Gudry.[1]

Once she was packed, Elainye accompanied Arihnda and Talmoor away from the Creekpath mine. She was distracted by the explosion of a nearby bulldozer when Arihnda executed the guard blocking their path out of the shield generator, and bought Arihnda's lie that the guard had been killed by shrapnel from the explosion. Elainye wanted to temporarily stop running to help the guard, but Arihnda told her there was no time.[1]

Moments later, Elainye, Talmoor, and Arihnda were stopped by two Imperial Navy Troopers who informed them that ISB Colonel Wullf Yularen had sent a team to find Arihnda and Gudry in the Pryce family home. The troopers then pointed them in the direction of the Imperial HQ, and the three continued their escape.[1]

Elainye watched the explosion that destroyed the Creekpath mine and ended the Battle of Batonn from the safety of the HQ set up by Major Talmege. Elainye was horrified by the explosion, never knowing that it was her daughter who had triggered it. Following her daughter's orders, Elainye boarded a shuttle to Paeragosto City and then took the Duggenhei to the Governor's Mansion on Lothal. She and Talmoor remained there until Arihnda had time to visit them to plan their futures.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Elainye Pryce was a human woman. She loved her husband Talmoor and their daughter Arihnda Pryce. Elainye held her daughter in high regard and kept datacards of Pryce's childhood including her debating days. She was an assistant manager who knew how to manage mines including the family mine Pryce Mining.[1]

During the siege of the Creekpath mining complex, Elainye and Talmoor expressed sympathy for the Batonn insurgents' grievances with the Empire due to the corruption of Governor Restos. She was reluctant to leave her second home and abandon her neighbors and friends. She was horrified by the high casualties sustained during the siege of the Creekpath complex but never suspected that her daughter had caused those deaths.[1]

Elainye was a creature of habit who kept the same comm for years. Her daughter Arihnda exploited it to her advantage by secretly swapping their devices. This allowed Arihnda to assume her mother's identity and claim that she was sick in order to evacuate her parents.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Elainye Pryce first appeared in Timothy Zahn's 2017 novel Thrawn, a rebooted Canonical origins story of the eponymous character. Most of her lines are told through the point of view of her daughter Arihnda Pryce.

She was first illustrated in the Marvel Comics Thrawn 5, a comic adaptation of the novel which debuted on June 13, 2018. She was drawn by Luke Ross and colored by Nolan Woodard.


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