"Elassa was brutally killed. Think about that – she was a Sith, trained in battle and I'm just a crippled old man!"
Sunry to Revan on Elassa's murder[src]

Elassa Huros was a female Human Sith apprentice, during the Jedi Civil War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Young, beautiful and charismatic, Elassa Huros was very seductive in her appearance during her time in the academy. After completing her trials and was selected as an apprentice to a Dark Jedi Master, she showed so much charm to men that she saw. Her master didn't find her very wise in the dark side and would be talented as a true Sith.

Elassa tried to prove her loyalty as a Sith, and was stationed on Manaan in 3956 BBY while her master was in charge of the Sith Embassy. While she was moving through Ahto City, she set her eyes on a former Galactic Republic agent named Sunry and was engaged in an illicit affair. The two of them began meeting secretly in a hotel. Seeing that he held secrets from the Republic, Elassa decided to feign the retired soldier in order to discover what secrets he carried, so she could deliver it to her master, then to Darth Malak. This was when Sunry soon discovered her true purpose in secret and didn't give any information to her. Elassa tried her best, but her efforts were thwarted when her master told her that she already failed him. The next day when Elassa was in the hotel room, Sunry killed her with a single blaster shot.

In a twist of fate, Revan was appointed Sunry's arbiter while visiting Ahto City. He discovered the truth behind the case and murder of Elassa, and his discovery weighed heavily upon his defense of Sunry for the murder he had in fact committed.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

There are some discrepancies around the exact details of Elassa's death. Sunry may confess that he waited until Elassa had fallen asleep before shooting her, while a secret recording describes that he shot her in the back shortly after arriving. However, it is possible that Elassa was already killed by her comrades for failing them. Then, Sunry shot her corpse (thinking that she was asleep), left the room, and the Sith set-up Sunry with the hero cross bit. These explanations are very uncertain to prove on.

In unused game content, it was possible that Revan could discover a datapad written by Elassa to her Sith Master shortly before her death, inside the Sith Embassy. In it she says that she doesn't believe Sunry knew anything of value, and actually intended to murder him on the very same night the jilted Sunry killed her. Ironically, while Sunry had killed her to save the Republic, he had unknowingly prevented his own death at the same time.

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