"My son looks like me—and so does the future of the Sith."
―Ludo Kressh[src]

Elcho Kressh, also known as Kressh the Younger, was the son of the Sith Lord Ludo Kressh. The senior Kressh began to fear for his son's safety as his rival, Naga Sadow, levied for the Sith Empire to wage the Great Hyperspace War against the Galactic Republic. To this end, Kressh designed a device to protect his young son from all harm, allowing him to only be touched should he will it.

As the Hyperspace War escalated, Ludo deigned that, to further protect his prospect, he would have his son take refuge outside the Stygian Caldera on a remote Star system, safe from the Republic and Naga Sadow's machinations. Once word had reached Elcho of the fate of his father and that of the Sith Empire, he began to devise a counterattack against the Republic with what few resources he had at his disposal. During the years of buildup to his strike against the Republic, Elcho Kressh amassed a massive army made from dozens of systems worth of pirates and those who had a grudge against the Republic in secret. He used an array of bribes and deals allowing said groups to keep their autonomy but fight under his banner.

On the eve of his invasion of the Republic to retrieve his and his father's honor, he was denied his revenge after suffering from a ruptured stomach after overindulging in alcohol, celebrating the very attack he would never attend. Soon after, the massive force behind the movement dispersed as all of the deals were based on personal contracts and relationships Elcho himself engineered. Without Elcho, everything fell apart and the counter-attack never occurred.

Sometime during his self-exile, Elcho created a holocron of his teachings, which later was found by Sith Lord Mandragall and influenced Sith war-time strategy for generations to come during the New Sith Wars.

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