The Elder Rakatan Settlement was the enclave of the Rakatan Elders on Lehon. Keeper Orsaa was one of the leading members of the settlement.

When the fallen Jedi Revan and Malak came to the settlement, they claimed to serve the light side, trying to destroy the Star Forge, and asked for their help to enter the Temple of the Ancients. The Elders believed them, and let the duo in. Three years later, Revan, now redeemed, returned to the settlement, and with some difficulty, convinced the Elders that he had changed. The Elders sent Revan to free other Elders who were being held hostage by the Black Rakata, a rival tribe. Under the command of the One, the Black Rakata attacked Revan, but Revan prevailed and managed to free the last surviving prisoner, who returned to the settlement to tell the Elders of Revan's good deed, allowing Revan to regain the trust of the Elders, who gave him permission to enter the temple. Before he left, he was approached by an Elder researcher named Ll'awa, who was trying to restore the connection to the Force in the Rakata.


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