Eleaor Propulsion was the manufacturer of the Twilight Sailer. It was founded by the Kashi Mer Dynasty noble Krispus Eleaor in the Kashi system and built luxury transports including ground vehicles and repulsorlifts. In c. 4000 BBY, it had plans to begin production on star yachts and other spacecraft. Craft constructed by Eleaor often featured rare animal skins, jewels and art obtained by scouts hired by the company. Sometime before 3951 BBY, Exchange leader G0-T0 commissioned the prototype Starscape-class yacht, Visionary, for himself, calculating that a stronger Eleaor Propulsion would aid in his efforts to stabilize the Republic. Eleaor Propulsion eventually went on to produce a line of successful, if expensive, Starscape-class yachts.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Kashi Mer monarchy and system is stated in other sources to have been destroyed in a supernova millennia before the Tales of the Jedi series, in approximately 25,000 BBY. It is unclear how this can be reconciled with what we know of Eleaor Propulsion.

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