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A newly-elected independent government was established on the planet Zakuul following the revolt against the Eternal Empire, after the Eternal Empire of Zakuul was reorganized, along with the Alliance against Zakuul, into the Eternal Alliance.


After the mission to Nathema, Consul Axion of the government contacted the Alliance Commander to inform them that Zakuul was renouncing its status as a member of the Eternal Alliance and any holdings it had to the colonies it had established under the Eternal Empire, though it hoped to maintain a trade relationship with the Alliance.[1]

According to Lana Beniko in Alliance Intelligence Summary 495-22, Zakuul's efforts to establish diplomatic ties with the Core Worlds proved unsuccessful, and the only trading partner they could find was a a group of corporations. Beniko's personal suspicion was that these corporations were fronts for the criminal Exchange, though agents of Alliance Intelligence were unable to prove this.[2]



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