The Electric Caliphs were battle droids from the planet Mourn that once belonged to Sultan Nastuonodon around 20,000 BBY.

The Hutts, furious with their inability to conquer or negotiate with the neighboring Gargantelles, sought the caliphs as a last resort. They found the droids after they had been left on Mourn for more than ten millennia. Expert Nimbanese lawyers convinced the electric caliphs that they were obsolete and shouldn't exist any more. The droids became violently nihilistic, and the Hutts willfully directed their ire toward Boz Pity. Though the Hutts had unsuccessfully thrown seven Nikto armies at the Gargantelles, and despite the droids' ancient gearworks, they managed to exterminate the natives within a decade. Seeing no further reason for their existence, the caliphs then returned to their world, ignited the world's volcanic crust, and immolated themselves in the process. The fires of the world still burned centuries later.

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