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"I assure you, sir, that this bomb only works on droids."
―Sionver Boll[src]

The electro-proton bomb was a type of bomb designed to emit an electromagnetic field that could take out the Separatist droid forces.[1]


The ion pulse created by the bomb on Malastare

The electro-proton bomb was designed by Doctor Sionver Boll[2] for use by the Galactic Republic, but the bomb's use had unintended consequences. While it was successful at taking out droids in service of the Separatist Alliance on Malastare, it also upset the planet's ecosystem, awakening an ancient and powerful creature known as the Zillo Beast.[1]

A weapon derived of the bomb, designated as the Electro-Proton Bomb/Defoliator, was rumored to be developed by the Galactic Empire. It combined the electronic elements of the electro-proton bomb and elements of the defoliator, a Separatist creation, to create a bomb that could devastate robotics and organics.[3]



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