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"I assure you, sir, that this bomb only works on droids."
―Sionver Boll[src]

The electro-proton bomb was an ion weapon developed by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, specifically designed to destroy droids.


Electro-proton explosion

The ion pulse created by the bomb on Malastare

Developed by the scientists of the Republic, the electro-proton bomb basically served as a gigantic EMP grenade. It was designed to be deployed onto the battlefield by bombers, and once dropped, it would release a powerful electromagnetic pulse shock wave capable of disabling or destroying any form of droid and vehicle within the expansive blast radius.[1]

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine authorized the use of the electro-proton bomb on Malastare when the Confederacy of Independent Systems deployed a large invasion force on the planet in order to secure its fuel reserves. Doctor Sionver Boll assured those present that the weapon would only affect droids, and that the clone troopers and other organic beings would not be harmed by its use. The native Dugs agreed to the decision in order to defeat the massive army of battle droids that had invaded their homeworld. Although the bomb was successful in defeating the Separatist threat, the Doge Nakha Urus had some fears that the bomb might have had a serious effect on the delicate balance of Malastare's ecosystem. Indeed, following the use of the bomb, the last of the Zillo Beasts awakened from its slumber deep beneath the planet's surface and began attacking clone troopers and Dugs alike.[1]
Electro-proton bomb effect

The effect of the bomb on droids

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On the bomb, several phrases like "CAUTION ION DETONATOR" and "THIS IS FOR YOU DOOKU" are written in Aurebesh.[2]



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