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"Evening, Verla. How are you feeling?"
"Artoo can have that effect on people."
―Luke Skywalker and Verla, after R2-D2 blasted the latter with his shock prod[1]

Rose Tico's electro-shock prod

Electro-shock prods were defensive devices capable of emitting electrical charges which could zap hostiles. The C1-series astromech droid C1-10P was equipped with a prod and considered it his favorite tool.[2] R2 series astromech droids[3] and Lothal astromech droids were also equipped with electroshock prods.[4]

A handheld version, known as an electro-prod, was also available. This version was sometimes used to administer corrective shocks to ornery beasts of burden. At the Arkanis Academy, cadets were provided with one of these when working with diplopods, though Zare Leonis disliked using his on his personal diplopod.[5] Also the sentry droids used by the Resistance on D'Qar had a retractable electro-prod held in a compartment in their chassis.[6]

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