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Queen Miraj Scintel brandishes an electro-whip

An electro-whip,[1] also called a Zygerrian slaver whip,[2] was an electrified whip and the preferred method of domination for the subjugation of slaves taken by the Zygerrian Slave Empire. It consisted of a metal grip and an electrified wire that glowed when powered up. The wire could be retracted into the grip when powered down. It was incredibly painful, but typically not physically damaging, as Zygerrians did not want to damage their merchandise irreparably.[1] Not only Zygerrians used the electro-whip; Mining Guild foreman and Guild Slave Master Proach used one to keep the Guild's slaves working in his ore crawler. As shown when Anakin fights Count Dooku, the whip's blade can withstand that of a lightsaber.

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