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The electro sword was the primary weapon wielded by the Kage Warriors of the planet Quarzite. The blade resonated a blue electric current, and was effective in both close combat and also when thrown.[1]


Around 21 BBY, Krismo Sodi led his Kage Warriors on a mission to board a subtram transporting a chest to the Belugan ruler, Otua Blank. The chest contained Sodi's kidnapped sister. Kage Warriors used electro swords and martial arts to overpower most of the bounty hunters hired by the Belugans to protect the cargo. When he was opposed by Major Rigosso, Sodi hurled his electro sword at the Belugan officer, impaling him through the chest. While the blade was very deadly, it was no match for a lightsaber, as shown when Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress severed the blades of three Kage Warriors in one slash.[1]



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