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"No sign of him with these electrobinoculars!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

Darth Maul with a pair of electrobinoculars.

Electrobinoculars were hand-held viewing devices that allowed users to observe distant objects in most lighting conditions.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Display of Darth Maul's electrobinoculars.

The device's internal display provided the user with information about the object's range, relative and true azimuths, and elevation.

With the built-in zoom capability, objects could be made to appear closer for detailed inspection, or the depth of a field could be widened for examination of the surrounding area. Additionally, radiation sensors and a night-vision mode extended the usefulness of this piece of equipment. A typical pair of electrobinoculars weighed roughly 1 kilogram and cost 1,000 credits.

Electrobinoculars were sometimes confused with macrobinoculars. However, electrobinoculars enhanced images through the use of sophisticated built-in computers, while macrobinoculars did not offer this feature.

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A pair of electrobinoculars with a rangefinder

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