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Anomids wearing vocalizer masks


An Ithorian wearing an Ithorian translator


A Personal Universal Translator.

An electronic translator was a device that could automatically translate between various languages.

Some electronic translators were used to translate writings from different languages and read them aloud in Galactic Basic Standard.[1] Other such devices could translate speech in another language to Basic and vice versa,[2] like the Ithorian translators[3] or the vocalizer masks worn by Anomids.[4]

Electronic translator variants used in the Galaxy included the personal translators, Personal Universal Translators, translatacomps, VoxBoxes, electronic masks and transliterators.


The Hutts used an early translation device called a language convertor lexicon even before the times of the Galactic Republic to contact the Vodrans.[4]

More advanced electronic translators were already in use in the galaxy around 3997 BBY—that year, the Jedi Exar Kun used one to translate a pair of Sith scrolls and therefore uncover the identity of the Sith homeworld of Korriban.[1]



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