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Eleena Daru was a female Rutian Twi'lek, and the lover of the Sith Lord Darth Malgus during the Great Galactic War. She was originally a slave in the slave pens on Geonosis, until saved by Darth Malgus. She participated in the Sacking of Coruscant in 3653 BBY. Other than Shae Vizla who entered stealthily, she was Darth Malgus's only backup prior to the shuttle carrying several Sith crashing through the Jedi Temple's entrance. During the battle, she was incapacitated when Jedi Master Ven Zallow used the Force to push her into a pillar.

After she recovered from her wounds, Malgus ordered her to round up a list of people and equipment he had made, as much as she could possibly find, and to bring it back to his ship Valor. However, at the Liston Spaceport on Coruscant she was attacked by Aryn Leneer, a Jedi Knight. She was spared by Leneer who later fought an intense battle against Malgus, but he let her go because she had spared Eleena. Malgus, after exchanging with her some passionate and emotional words, killed Eleena, because she was his greatest weakness, and could be used against him. However, this death tore Malgus apart emotionally, to a point where he was constantly reminded of Eleena, which fed his anger. In death, she was his greatest strength.


Attack on Coruscant[]

Eleena covers Malgus as they are surrounded by Jedi.

In 3681 BBY, the Sith Empire, believed to have been destroyed over a millennium earlier, emerged from seclusion and launched a campaign against the Galactic Republic. Twenty-eight years after the war's beginning, the Sith forces contacted the Republic, expressing a desire to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the war. As delegates from both sides met on the planet Alderaan to form a peace agreement, the Sith mounted a surprise attack on Coruscant, the Republic's capital to force the Republic into signing the Treaty of Coruscant.

Battle in the Jedi Temple[]

Eleena Daru

While Sith in a shuttle prepared to attack Coruscant, she and Darth Malgus took a tour of Coruscant until Shae Vizla completed her mission. During this time, she had a rather blunt conversation with her lover about their future together, and how she was not excited at the prospect of always fighting with Malgus until they died. She wanted to settle down, but Malgus made it clear that his duties toward the Sith Empire made that impossible, and that they would always be Master and Servant. She reminded him that he didn't always treat her as a servant, implicating some sort of deeper and perhaps more intimate relationship than first perceived. To this, he put a harshness in his words that he did not feel, telling her that she was a servant and nothing more. She was angered by this, and stared Malgus down, and rebutted that she knew him, and that she had nursed him back to health after Satele Shan had grievously wounded him, and that with all this talk about evolution, perfection, and conflict, he didn't feel and believe those words. Malgus was then struck by her beauty and kissed her passionately, to which they both smiled at each other. Shae Vizla completed her mission, along with Lord Adraas, and with that they strode toward the Jedi Temple, butchering the outer guards. When the shuttle crashed into the Jedi Temple, the Sith Warriors came out, as a battle began. Eleena fought back to back with Malgus in the first part, then fought on her own. Eleena attempted to assist her lover Darth Malgus in attacking Jedi Master Ven Zallow with her blasters, this proved to be a critical mistake as the Jedi Master easily deflected two of her shots back into her body, one in her shoulder and one in her chest, whilst simultaneously Force pushed her into a pillar. This caused Darth Malgus to be enraged, giving him the upper hand in the fight with Jedi Master Ven Zallow allowing Malgus to kill Zallow.

The Sith killed all the Jedi, and the Sacking of Coruscant had begun. After the battle in the Jedi Temple, Malgus, under scrutiny of his Sith companions and Lord Adraas, went to check on Eleena. She was still alive, with no broken bones, just the two gaping black holes in her skin. When Malgus awoke her, she called him by the name 'Veradun' in front of other Sith, one of the few things that she was forbidden to do. Malgus clenched his fist in anger, and she blanched and stared wide-eyed at the closed fist. However, since she realized her mistake, his anger subsided. Whilst in the presence of Lord Adraas, Malgus roughly brought her to her feet, which aggravated her wounds, causing so much pain that she had to lean into Malgus to avoid not falling over from the intense pain. He allowed it, which was yet another example of how he cared for her. She however showed a great amount of selflessness, including letting Malgus leave her and enjoy the destruction of the planet. She initially protested about receiving treatment for her wounds, but Malgus made it clear that she was to be attended to whether she wanted it or not. She was then transported to an Imperial medical transport called the Steadfast. There she would receive treatment and wait for Malgus to return to check on her.


Eleena Daru

After recovering from her injuries from a civilian hospital on Coruscant, Eleena believed that there was still good in Malgus. They argued and she eventually told Malgus that she loved him. She then took residence in a captured spaceport that received Imperial transports. Little did she know that the smuggler Zeerid Korr and the Jedi Aryn Leneer planned to use the same spaceport to escape Coruscant. Malgus, however, realized this fact and rushed to the port to defend Eleena. Leneer, who had planned to kill Eleena in revenge for Malgus killing Jedi Master Ven Zallow, located her and nearly killed her. But before she could bring herself to murder the unarmed Eleena, Aryn realized that Eleena was treated harshly by Malgus and then realized her own mistake. She then decided not to kill Eleena, but knocked her out and captured her. Leneer and Malgus then encountered each other and fought, with Malgus winning after a long fight and sparing Leneer's life, because she had spared Eleena's life. After Leneer left, Malgus realized that he had allowed his emotions to dictate his actions, and that the other Sith would see it as weakness. Malgus decided that he could not afford any weaknesses. As Eleena awoke, Malgus killed her with his lightsaber, driving it through her heart.

Personality and traits[]

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Eleena stood by her lover's side during his attack on the Jedi Temple.

Eleena was the lover of Darth Malgus. As such, she was one of the only people who could actually hold good feelings toward him. She even admitted this to Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer who was a complete stranger, indicating that she was not ashamed of her love, but she did recognize the fact that Malgus hurt others, even the ones he loved. This led Leneer to realize that Malgus hurt Eleena, though on a more emotional level than a physical one. Her previous master who she had been slave to until her late teens had heavily abused her.

Eleena, despite being strong and usually resigned towards death, at least concerning herself, did on at least two occasions show fear of physical violence and death. The first was when she called Malgus by his birth name Veradun in the presence of other Sith, provoking his anger. The second time was when Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer activated Master Ven Zallow's lightsaber whilst disarmed in an Imperial Shuttle, when she expected death. She was also very loyal, particularly towards Malgus, following him into battle numerically outnumbered during the Sacking of Coruscant, and also carried out a special assignment from Malgus the day after the initial Sacking of Coruscant. She displayed emotional courage when she confronted Malgus about his anger after he had taken her from a civilian hospital on Coruscant. She often called him Veradun, in addition to claiming that there was gentleness in him after he had taken care of her.

Before her ultimate death at the hands of Malgus she stated that she knew he loved her. When he admitted that he did indeed love her it brought her joy, which quickly changed to concern when for perhaps the first time in her life, and even perhaps his life, she caught tears streaking down his face. The only other time she had seen so much emotion from him had been in anger. When she asked what was wrong, he replied with a pained and emotion filled voice his love for her was wrong. She said his name, in perhaps a soft and sad tone, before Malgus killed her with his lightsaber, driving it through her heart.

She was the only person to ever smile at the sight of Darth Malgus. She did show some form of dissatisfaction with the relationship between her and Malgus, and she wanted for it to progress into something more. Malgus himself realized that she was his moral conscience, his weakness, the one thing that others could exploit. Malgus later decided that he had to destroy what he had loved: Eleena, because she was his weakness. In addition to this, it could be inferred that Malgus took pity on her, specifically the life that she was living. She seemed doomed from the start, already dead in a sense, as soon as she had been given to her original master.


Eleena Daru wore light armor similar to that worn by smugglers and Imperial Agents. She wielded twin blaster pistols when she fought alongside her lover, Darth Malgus, during the assault on the Jedi Temple at the Sacking of Coruscant.

Behind the scenes[]

Eleena Daru was introduced in the multimedia project attached to BioWare's MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. She first appeared in the "Deceived" trailer,[2] and then later in The Holonet Bio page for Darth Malgus at SWTOR.com.

In the cinematic, she has blue skin. However, in The Old Republic: Deceived, she is repeatedly described as having lavender skin.



Eleena Daru

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