Elesa was a small mining town on Ando Prime.

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With little more than ten buildings, two roads and a handful of living spaces, the tiny settlement nevertheless served as the capital city of the planet. Elesa was located some 500 kilometers from the Juaka Canyon, a natural gorge under the control of native Talids.[1]

Elesa was mostly inhabited by grumpy Human miners who favored heavy clothing and beards. Notable local business at some point before 27 BBY included two cantinas, the Cliffside and the Icicle; a repair shop tended by Rodian female Feena Ghel; and the Miner's Union Hall, a bureaucratic office managed by Geon Justic. The law was enforced by local constable Byam Awson.[1]

Around that time, aspiring crimelord Kaeline Ungasan organized a podracing event on Ando Prime, the Ungasan Cross Country, both to wrestle the Hutt control over the planet and to cover his illegal mining operation of Vonium. Ungasan sent his minion, Ree, to Elesa to bribe the Miner's Union representative — although Ree claimed to meet with Justic because of Ree's job with a zoological research team.[1]

In 27 BBY, Ungasan's criminal activities on Ando Prime were discovered and exposed, in the first of several podracing scandals. In 22 BBY, HoloNet reporters traveled to Elesa to cover the growing banning of podracing through the galaxy.[2]

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